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This story is copyrighted and may not be posted anywhere without my express permission. I was at week long conference in a strange city. In the first two days I struck up a friendship with a couple, Jenny and Mark, who were attending the same conference and were also staying at the same hotel as me. We had many interests in common and we fell into the habit of having drinks together, sitting in the sofas around the low tables in the hotel bar area, after dinner each night.

On the third night of the conference Mark and Jenny were sitting side by side on the sofa facing me. The bar was practically deserted. We were all relaxed, sitting back comfortably. Jenny was an extremely attractive woman with a fabulous figure. She was wearing a light weight dress that buttoned up the front, slightly above knee length, but it was somewhat rucked up and she was sitting with her knees a little bit apart which, combined with the way she was sitting on the low sofa, gave me a wonderful view of her superb legs. I could also see the bump her nipples made on her dress and the way her breasts moved suggested strongly that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I had trouble not looking to obviously. Nevertheless, Mark must have caught me looking.

“Peter, do think Jenny’s attractive?” he asked.

Caught by surprise, all I could do was say what I was thinking. “She’s beautiful. If she wasn’t attached I’d be chasing her down the street.”

Jenny giggled.

“Beautiful,” I said again, trying to mask my confusion.

Mark put his hand on her thigh and pulled her dress up further, revealing almost the full length of her legs.

“Great legs, too,” he said, smiling broadly.

Jenny smiled too, stretched out and let her legs part more widely. The dark shadows in the upper reaches between her thighs were incredibly suggestive, but I couldn’t quite see her panties. Suddenly my heart was hammering and my mouth was dry. I tried hard not to stare to obviously.

“What are you trying to do to a single man in town who doesn’t know anyone?” I asked jokingly.

Jenny just smiled at me, almost invitingly, I thought. “You like my legs then?” she asked.

I looked up to her face. Another button at the top her dress had come undone and I could see the upper swell of her breasts; by accident I wondered.

“Very much. Now if I could get Mark to disappear…” I laughed, trying to keep it as joke. The reality was that I was very turned on by the teasing. I hoped that neither of them would see the bulge my cock was now making in my trousers. I would have to go to my room and relieve the tension with a good wank, I thought.

We talked idly for a few more minutes. Jenny made no effort to smooth her dress down and the view in front of me made sure that my erection didn’t falter. If anything, I got harder.

“We’ve got a bottle of good champagne in our room,” Jenny said. “How would like to come up with us and have a glass?”

“Good idea,” said Mark.

“I would love to,” I responded. My heart was pounding. I wasn’t sure whether something was going to happen or whether I had just been involved in a bit of casual, if heavy, flirting and teasing. But if anything was going to happen, I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.

We got into the lift together. There was no-one else in it.

“Look what we’ve done to Peter,” Jenny said to Mark.

Then, making me gasp with a mixture of pleasure and surprise, she reached down and boldly stroked my erect cock through my trousers, gripping it through the cloth.

“We’ll just have to see what can be done about that,” said Mark, laughing.

“What a nice big hard dick,” said Jenny as she continued to rub me.

The lift stopped, all too soon from my point of view, and we entered their room, Mark closing the door behind us.

“Kiss me,” Jenny said, grabbing my tie to draw me close and then putting her arms around me. My arms encircled her in return.

Our lips met, gently at first and then more firmly. Our mouths opened and our tongue tips met lightly. I ran my tongue along her lips, then pushed it further into her mouth. She responded strongly and our tongues entwined as we tasted one another deeply. Our bodies were pressed close together and Jenny wriggled, rubbing her body against my rigid cock. Mark was behind her, kissing the back of her neck, his arms around us both. I could feel him moving against her, rubbing his cock against her ass.

We subsided onto the sofa, Jenny between Mark and I. Jenny and I continued our kiss. I could see Mark kissing her ear as we did so. Then I saw his hand move to her breast to stroke it through the thin material of her dress.

I copied him. Her nipple was standing up and grew even larger as I stroked to and fro over it. I love the feel of touching an erect nipple. Together, Mark and I undid the buttons down the front of her dress. We stopped when the front fell open and moved our hands to her now naked breasts, stroking, fondling. Following Mark’s lead, I bent my head to her breast, licking over its rounded fullness, then licking around her nipple before touching it more directly, licking to and fro over it. Jenny wriggled with pleasure from our twin attentions. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, tugging slightly. Her hands were now resting on our heads as her body started to undulate slightly.

My hand moved to her inner thigh, starting to stroke. Jenny responded by spreading her legs widely, resting them over Mark’s and mine on either side of her. She moved the leg she had lying over me until it was pressing on my erect dick and rubbed against me with it. I stroked higher and higher on her inner thigh until I reached the hollow where her legs joined her body. I could feel her heat and moisture. I was aware of Mark’s hand on her other leg as it moved in concert with mine. Then I reached a fraction further and my dick got impossible harder when I realised that she wasn’t wearing any panties. No wonder I hadn’t been able to make out her panties when we were in the lounge. I could feel her hair, damp with her moisture as I softly brushed over the outer lips of her pussy.

“We talked about getting you to join us,” Jenny murmured as I gently brushed her pussy. “Mark and I both wanted this so much.”

Her hands left our heads to rub our dicks through our trousers. With one hand she undid my trousers, sensuously lowering the zip and reaching into my underpants to encircle my dick. It felt so good. I could see her other hand moving in Mark’s trousers as she rubbed him at the same time.

“There are so many things we can do together, and we want to try them all,” added Mark.

“I’m more than willing,” I said.

“I can tell,” said Jenny, a smile in her voice as she gave my rigid cock an extra squeeze.

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Marks’ hand joined mine at her pussy. Together our fingers slid up and down her hot, wet cleft, stroking softly. Then I pushed a finger inside her, relishing the wetness, the heat, the elasticity, the texture, the tightness. Mark moved his hand and pushed a finger in beside mine. We found a rhythm and began to push our fingers in and out together. I used my thumb to rub her clitoris on each stroke. Jenny moaned loudly, her hips bucking back wildly at our fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your fingers. Oh yes.” Talking seemed to turn her on even more.

“Yes, I love doing this, fucking your pussy with my finger,” I responded.

Her movements got wilder, her hips gyrating and bucking and her moans got louder. In mutual understanding Mark and I increased the pace at which we were finger fucking her. She moaned louder and I wondered if it meant she was getting close to coming.

“Yes, Jenny, come for us, come on out fingers,” said Mark, urging her on.

His words seemed to be all she was waiting for. Suddenly she was chanting “Oh my God, my God, my God,” and her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Mark and I withdrew our fingers and took off our clothes. The rest of the buttons on Jenny’s dress had come open and she too was naked. She was just so desirable lying slumped back on the sofa. Her breasts were average sized, but wonderfully pert with very large erect nipples, incredibly sexy. Her legs were widespread and her triangle of dark hair drew attention to the centre of her womanhood. Her hair was damp with her juices and her lips were engorged and pouting. Her whole pussy was gaping and on display for us, the hot, pink flesh glistening and attracting my eyes like a magnet.

“You like?” Asked Jenny, her eyes meeting mine, enjoying my inspection of her body’s most intimate parts.

“Very much,” I said. “You are just incredibly sexy.”

Jenny stood and taking us both by the cock, led us the few steps to the bed, where she sat in the middle of it. Directed by her guiding hands on our cocks, we knelt, one on each side of her.

She got us to move so that she could hold our cocks close together, rubbing the knobs together as she licked over them. Our cocks were very similar, both of good size but not huge, straight, symmetrical and with large helmet shaped knobs.

“Two beautiful cocks,” Jenny breathed. “Oh, I’m a lucky girl.”

She tried to put us both in her mouth at the same time, but she couldn’t manage it, our combined dicks were much too big. So she settled for licking us both at once and then sucking one and then the other.

After licking us both, she concentrated on my cock. She did it so well, first licking up and down the shaft, then licking over my knob, then taking me into her mouth. She clamped her wet lips tightly over me while her tongue busily massaged my shaft and knob in her mouth. I couldn’t help myself and my hips bucked as I fucked back at her mouth.

Mark moved behind her, rubbing her pussy. She rolled over and lifted herself onto her knees. I could see him concentrate as he pushed his cock into her cunt. Then we were all moving together, Mark’s thrusts helping her bob her head up and down on my cock.

She lifted her head from my cock. “Yes, yes,” she said. “Fuck me with that big hard cock while I suck Peter.” She lowered her head again.

“Oh, you do that so well. Your lips, your tongue on my cock. Suck me,” I responded, seeing how the words turned her on.

I was getting close when Jenny lifted her head again. “Change positions please. It’s Peter’s turn in my pussy now.”

I moved to where Mark had been kneeling behind her and pushed my cock into her welcoming cunt. At the same time she took Mark into her mouth and began to suck on him as she had sucked on me. The feel of her pussy was absolutely delicious. It was hot and wet and gripped my cock like a velvet glove. I pushed slowly in, then pulled out until only my knob was inside her, then pushed back in. After a few slow thrusts to fully savour the sensation, I fell into a rhythm, thrusting harder and harder. As I did so, I reached around to rub her clitoris as I fucked her. She was moaning now with every thrust, her moans muffled by Mark’s cock in her mouth. Then I felt and heard her come again. Having two men at once was obviously arousing her tremendously.

“Your cunt is just so good,” I told her. “So tight, so hot, so wet. Just perfect.”

She responded by pushing back harder onto me, gyrating her hips as she did so.

I was now trying desperately to hold myself back. It felt so good that I wanted the sensations to go on for ever, but at the same time, the feelings were so strong that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cock pulsed as I started to gush inside her pussy. She worked her muscles to drain me, milking the last of my sperm from my balls. From the noises Mark was making I knew he was coming in her mouth at the same time.

We lay together, bodies entwined. Jenny was facing Mark, kissing him softly and I was behind her, nestled against her body. One of my hands was rubbing her breast as we lay and talked.

“What a wonderful start to the night. Thank you so much Mark for agreeing to do this. It’s just so good,” she said, kissing him lovingly. “And thank you Peter for joining us.”

“You know I wanted to, too,” he replied. “And we’re not finished yet. Not by a long way.”

I pressed harder against her back, kissing the back of her neck, and rubbed more meaningfully at her nipple.

“What’s that I feel?” asked Jenny.

My cock had hardened again, pressing between the cheeks of her ass. She wriggled against me, her ass rubbing my dick delightfully. Then she reached down to move my cock between her legs so that it could rub her pussy. I felt her reach in front of her to do the same thing to Mark’s dick. Now our cocks were rubbing together between her legs. We wriggled together for a while, enjoying the different sensations.

“Two cocks, oh wow!” she said. “Both of them rubbing over my pussy, wanting me.”

The tip of my cock found her entrance and I pushed in as she arched her back to push her ass towards me and make my access easy. Once again my cock was surrounded by her wonderful hot cunt. Mark’s cock remained lodged between her legs, nuzzling against my balls as Jenny and I moved together. I thrust to and fro in a state of ecstasy. She felt so good, the way her cunt enfolded my cock, the way she ground her ass back against me.

“Your turn now, Mark,” said Jenny, rolling over and reaching down to replace my cock with his. I felt his dick sliding into her as my dick slid back between her legs. I reached around to rub her clitoris with my fingers as he thrust in and out. I could feel her flesh moving with his thrusts and I reached slightly lower to touch his shaft, as first tentatively and then more boldly as his movements and moans told me that my touch was welcome. I held his the root of his cock between my finger tips, squeezing slightly, as it slid smoothly in and out, well lubricated with Jenny’s juices.

“I want to see this close up,” I said.

Holding Jenny close, Mark rolled onto his back, so that she was lying on top of him and he was fucking her from behind. Everything was now on wonderful display. I knelt beside her, leaning over, so that I could see really well. His strong shaft was holding her wide open, every part of her pussy open to my eyes. Her lips were gaping open, engorged, and his shaft moved with silken smoothness in and out. Her lips seemed to almost trying to grip his cock as it moved and the pink, wet flesh of her pussy was moving in and out with each stroke. His balls hung down, moving as he moved. Her clitoris was completely exposed, a pink pearl, and I couldn’t resist. I touched it with my finger tip. Jenny jerked and moaned.

“Tell me what it looks like,” Jenny asked, panting now.

I described as well as I could the way Mark’s hard shaft disappeared into her, how her pussy was all engorged, the way her pussy moved with Mark’s strokes, how sexy it looked, how the sight aroused me. My description turned her on even more.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me Mark, rub my clit Peter! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Her hand moved under me where I was kneeling beside her and wrapped itself around my cock.

I lowered my mouth to her clitoris, licking softly, then more firmly. I relished the mixed taste of her juices together with my sperm from my previous orgasm.

Jenny kept encouraging us. “Lick me, fuck me, lick me. Oh Jesus, that’s so good.”

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I licked down her cleft from her clitoris until I touched Mark’s hard shaft with the tip of my tongue and was rewarded by dual gasps of pleasure. I licked and sucked avidly, steadily getting bolder. Licking her clitoris, his shaft, his balls. My finger tips pressed at their junction, sometimes even managing to penetrate her a little beside his cock. Jenny’ movements became even wilder.

“Oh yes, lick us both, lick me as he fucks me. Oh yes.” Jenny was very vocal.

Then I pulled his cock from her pussy and sucked it into my mouth. Somehow I had always wanted to taste a cock, but I had never done it before. I suctioned it hard, taking as much as I could in my mouth, massaging the shaft with my tongue and pressing my lips hard around it. Mark bucked back at my mouth while Jenny raised herself on her arms to watch what I was doing. At the same time I had pushed two fingers from my other hand into her cunt.

“That is just so hot. That’s it, suck him,” Jenny said. Her hand was busy on my rigid dick, stroking, squeezing. Her cunt was squeezing rhythmically on my fingers.

I did this for a minute or so before regretfully replacing his cock in her pussy and returning to sucking on them both.

Their movements became stronger and I knew Jenny was again getting very close. I concentrated now on her clitoris, wanting to maximise her pleasure. She came in an incredibly strong orgasm. I could feel the pulsations running through her pussy with my tongue as she moaned. A moment later Mark started to come as well and I could see his cock pulse and twitch as his hot sperm coursed up the length of his shaft to erupt deep within her. I could see the sperm joining her juices to coat his dick. I licked at it, tasting another man’s sperm for the first time in my life.

As I licked their combined juices, Jenny came again, this orgasm coming almost immediately the previous one subsided. She moaned and thrashed under my tongue and fingers. Mark’s dick was slowly shrinking and came free as she moved.

“You fuck me now Peter,” she gasped. “I can’t get enough.”

I rolled onto my back and pulled Jenny on top of me so that I could push my cock into her from behind in the same way that Mark had been seconds before. Even as my cock sunk into her welcoming cunt I was aware of Mark moving to her pussy. With my cock, I could feel the unmistakable movements of her flesh as he rubbed her clitoris with his finger tips, then I felt them touch my shaft as it pumped in and out. It was electrifying. I became aware of his hot breath as he sucked on Jenny’s clitoris and then felt his fingers encircle the root my cock as I had encircled his.

Jenny was in a state of almost continuous orgasm now, moaning loudly, continuously. Just once I had been with a woman who had had multiple orgasms, but hers could not compare with Jenny’s current state. Her movements and moans aroused me even further, adding to the immense pleasure I was feeling. Mark was tonguing us both now, licking her clitoris, her pussy, my shaft as it plunged in and out, my balls. I felt him pull me out and take me into his mouth, sucking strongly. The different feeling after being buried in Jenny’s hot cunt added to my arousal. He licked and sucked me so well before putting me back in Jenny.

A few more thrusts and I couldn’t hold back any more, my hot sperm blasting deep inside Jenny. Mark licked gently at our combined juices and flesh as we slowly came back to earth.

We snuggled up together to sleep with Jenny in the middle.

As soon as conference finished the next evening, we went to their room. Jenny gave us both a hot, full-bodied hug and a deep, tongue-teasing kiss, before kneeling in front of us, unzipping our pants and taking out our cocks. She kissed them both before rising to her feet, still holding our dicks and led us to the bed.

We all quickly undressed, helping one another to discard our clothes.

“You know what I would really like?” she said.

“Yes?” I said

“I would love to watch you suck each other. Would you do that for me?”

Her wish was our command. Mark and I moved to a 69 position and for the second time I took his cock in my mouth. I was determined to give as good a blow job as I possibly could. I started by running my tongue up and down his shaft, licking over his balls on each stroke. I licked over his knob, purple with arousal, then took the tip in between my lips, my tongue dancing over the smooth dome. Slowly I sucked more and more into my mouth. Jenny’s face was inches from mine as she watched. Occasionally she moved even closer to lick part of his cock when it was within reach of her tongue. At the same time I could feel Mark doing the same things to me.

All the time she was talking softly, urging us on, telling us how much this turned her on, telling us how she was fingering herself with two fingers deep inside her cunt as she watched.

I sucked his dick as deep as into my mouth as I could, pressing my lips tightly around it, massaging his shaft and head with my tongue. I paid special attention to the rim around his knob, knowing how sensitive that part was for me. His hips bucked back at me, fucking at my mouth. I realised that my hips were moving in the same way as he sucked me.

Jenny reached in front of me, stroking over Mark’s balls, then moving further down to touch the pucker of his asshole.

“This really gets him going,” she told me. “Watch how he reacts.” She kept rubbing his asshole and then slowly eased a finger tip inside him. He bucked strongly in my mouth in response, his cock, impossibly, more rigid than ever. She pushed her finger deeper into him, slowly fucking him with it.

“You like that, don’t you darling,” she said to Mark. “Me finger fucking your ass while Peter sucks your beautiful cock.”

Between Jenny’s talk and the feel of Mark’s mouth on my cock I was once again on the verge of coming. I had to concentrate on what I was doing to Mark and not lose the rhythm of my sucking. But I still couldn’t hold back and I felt ecstasy as my sperm blasted into Mark’s mouth. Moments later he came as I sucked his cock and Jenny finger fucked his ass, his sperm hot and slightly salty.

Again we snuggled up together, Mark and I with hands busy on Jenny’s breasts and pussy. Before we were fully hard again we had succeeded in fingering her to orgasm.

“There’s something else I would to try,” Jenny told us. “I’ve heard of being in a sandwich, one in my pussy and one in my ass, and I’d love to try it. Mark knows how much I enjoy it in my ass, but I’m bit afraid that both of you at once might stretch me too much. But can we try?”

We agreed instantly. Mark lay on his back and Jenny straddled him, sinking down onto his cock with a sigh of pleasure. As soon as she was well settled, she leant forward, lying her body on Mark and offering her beautiful ass to me. I took the lubricant she offered me and started rubbing it into her pretty pucker. I took my time massaging it well into her, looking at the wonderful sight of her ass and Mark’s cock buried in her cunt.

“That feels so nice,” said Jenny. “Mark’s hot cock in my cunt, and your finger on my asshole. Push one in now, fuck me with it.”

I did as she asked. Slowly I eased a finger tip into her, feeling the extra tightness caused by Mark’s cock. As I pushed my finger deeper I could feel Mark’s cock with my finger through the thin membrane. I took time to stroke it and heard his gasp of pleasure.

I circled my finger in her tight hole, slowly getting the muscles to relax, then pumping it in and out. Jenny was gasping now with pleasure.

“I’m ready,” she moaned. “Put your cock in me, please.”

I covered my cock with lubricant and pressed the knob against her now slightly open hole. I thrust slowly into her, not wanting to hurt her, but at the same time almost desperate to bury myself in her ass. I had to hold myself back. Her ass was so tight on my cock.

“Ok?” I asked her.

“Yes. I feel very stretched, but it feels so good. Keep going.” She was panting now.

I pushed right in and rested for a moment, giving her a chance to get used to the feeling of two dicks at once. Her ass felt so good, fitting me as hotly as her cunt, but with a totally different texture. I started to thrust slowly in and out. Mark also started to move in her cunt. The feel as his cock moved in her, stroking over mine, added to the wonderful sensations. Jenny responded strongly to our movements, fucking back at our dicks. She was moaning very loudly now and her movements became stronger and stronger. Then she came. Her asshole took a life of its own, clasping hard on my dick, bringing me too to orgasm. As I came I was aware of Mark’s cock spasming in her cunt as he too came. I could plainly feel his pulsations with my cock.

We had spent so much time that we only just had time to have a quick shower and go to dinner.

After dinner we returned to the room where we kissed and cuddled, playing with one another, touching everywhere. Nothing was forbidden.

As we went on the pace slowly increased, our desires becoming ever stronger. Jenny and Mark got into a 69 and Jenny’s hand went again to Mark’s asshole, probing softly with one finger and then pushing it in. My face was close to Jenny’s as she did this, sometimes licking at Mark’s dick. She lifted her head.

“Peter, what would you say if I told you that one of Mark’s fantasies is to be fucked in the ass?” Jenny asked me.

“I would enjoy that very much,” I answered.

By way of response, Mark knelt on the bed, offering up his ass. I knelt behind him, lubricated his ass, slowly stretching it by circling my finger. When his muscles felt relaxed, I guided my cock to his ready asshole and pressed against it. My knob sank in through the tight band of muscles, slowly followed by my shaft. I kept pushing in, a little at a time until my cock was buried to the hilt.

Jenny was kneeling beside me, leaning forward so that she could watch my cock slide into him. She reached down and touched my shaft as it slowly disappeared. Her other hand was busy between her legs.

“Oh yes,” he gasped. “That feels so good. I’ve always wanted to try this. Yes, Peter, fuck my virgin ass. Fuck me.”

“Yes, Peter, fuck Mark’s ass. Fuck him, fuck him.” I could hear the slurping noises as she frantically finger fucked herself. Her other hand reached under Mark to rub his cock.

I started to thrust in and out and Mark thrust back against me, grinding his ass against me on every stroke, demonstrating more loudly than words how much he was enjoying it.

“I need a cock,” Jenny said. “I need a cock in my cunt.” She lay on her back and slid under Mark until her pussy was poised in front of his cock. He moved forward, lowering himself slightly until he was buried in her cunt.

Beneath him, Jenny urged us on. “Fuck me Mark, oh yes, that’s it. Fuck us both Peter, that’s how it feels to me.”

I resumed thrusting in and out of Mark’s well lubricated hole. Somehow it was almost as if I was fucking Jenny direct, as if my cock was extending right through Mark and into Jenny’s cunt. I moved more strongly, pushing into Mark, pushing him deep into Jenny. Then Mark would push back against me on his outstroke and I would start my own outstroke. Our tempo rose rapidly until all three of us were moaning and groaning. I knew I couldn’t last much longer and I was desperately trying to hold back. Then Jenny came, moaning deeply as Mark’s cock reamed her cunt deeply. Her orgasm set Mark off and as his ass clamped tight on my cock in time with his pulsing cock, my willpower was totally overcome and I came too, squirting deep inside him.

The remainder of the conference passed all too quickly.

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