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Growing up in the 40s and 50s was quite an experience for me. We had moved to California from Illinois in early 1942 and settled in San Pedro, just off of Gaffy Street. We lived in one of the four abandon chicken coops that were converted to housing during the war.

I lived with my dad and stepmother, two brothers and three sisters. Seeing how there were only two bedrooms in the house, we kids shared one bunkbed, one twin bed and a floor bed, made up of an old mattress and blankets. Sometimes, we had a mix and match setup. I’d either sleep with my brothers or my sisters, depending on who got to one of the beds first. Of course, the older kids usually got first pick and I was left with whatever space wasn’t occupied. I didn’t mind at the time, because I was the youngest. My brothers were a little older than me. My sisters, (well, two step-sisters and one half sister), Susie being the youngest of the three girls, just about my age. Darlene loved sleeping with my oldest brother, Ron. You could usually hear them giggling and rustling around in the twin bed on most nights. Marcy was usually with Paul, either on the floor bed or in the bottom bunk. Susie and I slept where we could, if, that is, the other kids weren’t fooling around and we could get some sleep. Nevertheless, we managed.

I loved mom, even though she was my stepmother. At the time, she was the only mother I knew. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as mothers and stepmothers. Big deal, huh? Well, anyway, her and dad worked in the shipyards and didn’t get home until very late in the evening. Those of us that didn’t go to school, Susie and I, would stay over at my Aunts house, next door until Darlene and Ron came home, then they’d come over and get us. My uncle Joe hurt his back at the shipyards and had to stay home. Later, my aunt got a job at one of the beauty salons in town, so uncle Joe watched us kids until the other kids came to get us.

Uncle Joe usually lounged around the house in his shorts. So did Susie and I. Mostly, that’s what kids wore in the summertime, at least in our houses, anyway. Most of the time, uncle Joe would plop me down on the living room floor with a scad of toys and he and Susie would go into his bedroom and close the door. I was not allowed to go in there, but I could hear sounds that captured my interest once in awhile and I’d venture up the hall to investigate. Uncle Joe would holler at me to go back out to the living room, when I was so bold as to knock on the door. I usually did. This one particular time, I started to knock on the door after hearing some giggling and groaning and to my surprise the door sort of opened a little and I could see inside. I was afraid to go in, so I just stood there, looking. Susie was lying outstretched on the bed, totally naked and my uncle had his hands under her little butt, as to cause her back to arch up and he had his face between her legs. It looked like he was kissing her pee pee.

I noticed, too, that he was naked and I could see his big thing dangling between his legs. Uncle Joe was too busy licking and kissing Susie to notice me and I watched for quite some time. I watched as he let go of her butt cheeks and put his big thing between the smooth hairless lips of Susie’s pee pee and rubbed it up and down. Susie would giggle and tell him that it tickled and told him to do it some more. He’d rock back and forth for awhile and then he’d tell Susie to grab hold of it and pull it. Then he moaned, and tilted his head back and a whole lot of white, juicy stuff shot out, all over my sisters legs and pee pee and belly. Then he’d take his thing and rub it on her all over. It looked like a whole lot of fun and I wondered why I wasn’t allowed in the bedroom, so I could have fun too.

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Soon, uncle Joe got off the bed and started to put his shorts on, when he noticed me at the door. When our eyes met, I panicked and started to run down the hall. He caught up with me about half way down and took me back to the bedroom. I thought he was going to whale the tar out of me so I started crying. He told me to calm down and that he wasn’t going to hurt me. He said he just wanted to talk. I sniffled a few more times before I settled down enough to say, “OK”.

“I’ll let you come in with us, from now on, if you promise not to tell anyone, OK?”

“OK”, I said and then added, “can I take off my pants too, uncle Joe?”

“Sure”, he said, “come on, get up here with your sister.”

I did as he asked, then he told me to just stand up on the bed for a moment. He looked at me for a long time then put his hands on my hips and slowly moved them back to my butt and he squeezed me there and then he moved them back to the front and rubbed the outside of my shorts, in the front. I felt his warm hands through the cotton and it felt kind of nice. I didn’t move. I just let him feel me all over. I looked down at Susie and she had one hand between her legs rubbing her pee pee and smiling at me.

“Nice, huh?” she said.

“Yeah, nice”, I answered and then went back to enjoying what uncle Joe was doing.

Uncle Joe put his fingers under the elastic on my legs and rubbed my peter, back and forth. It got instantly hard and he remarked,

“Wow, you’ve got a nice little boner, buddy. It’s pretty big for a youngster of your age. Bigger than I remember mine at your age. Wow, it’s got to be at least an inch and three quarters long.”

For some reason, I thought that was a pretty good thing and I think that I was even proud, even though I didn’t know what the three coins had to do with it. In fact, I didn’t know what an inch was, but at the time, I didn’t really care. It just felt good to have him rub it.

I looked down and saw his big thing. It was starting to get big again and stuck out like a fishing pole and bobbed up and down when he moved around on the bed. Then I watched as uncle Joe slipped his fingers under the waistband of my shorts and lid them down and told me to step out of them. Then he told me to lie down, next to my sister. Susie, I noticed was looking directly at my peter and she began moving her fingers in and out of her little pee pee much faster now. Sometimes, one of her fingers would disappear inside and I could hear little squishy sounds as she moved it in and out. Uncle Joe Then put his head between my legs and started to suck on my peter. Boy, did that feel good. His head bobbed up and down as he caressed my little member with his lips. He’d sometimes put his whole mouth over it and my sack at the same time and then lick me all over inside my legs. Then he got back up on his knees and put his big thing between my legs and beside my peter and on my belly. He rolled me over and rubbed it in my butt crack, sometimes pushing it against my hole. Next, to my surprise, he picked me up by the hips and placed me on top of my sister. She put both arms around me and then positioned my little peter in her pee pee crack and told me to move my butt up and down. I did as he commanded and it slid inside her. This, I thought was wonderful. It was warm and slippery and made little squishy sounds like it did with her finger.

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Uncle Joe was behind us and I could hear slapping sounds, then all of the sudden I felt this warm gush of stuff splat on my butt and my legs and peter. Then he rubbed it all over as me and Susie continued to push our bellies together. My little dick was sliding in and out of her as fast as I could make it. It’d slip out once in awhile and make a little sucking noise. Uncle Joe would just put it in and we’d start squishing again. After a few minutes, he rolled me off of my sister and began to lick her again, then me. This went on for hours, until we were just too exhausted to go on. After he put our pants back on, my sister and I soon fell asleep. The next day we’d start all over again. I was fascinated by uncle Joe’s big peter. I asked uncle Joe if I could hold his big thing. He told me I could, then showed me how to take both hands and go up and down on it. Soon it would squirt that slippery white stuff way up in the air and some of it would land on my belly and peter. One time, he told me to suck on it and use both hands to up and down. I sucked on it for a few minutes when it exploded in my mouth and darn near choked me. I got over it and sucked on him again and again that day. It was fun to see it squirt. I liked to watch Susie as she sucked on it. Sometimes, I’d hold it and rub it up and down as she sucked. It was even fun to suck on it when it was limp and small. Then uncle Joe would roll us both over and he’d straddle us, one at a time and put his big thing in our butt cracks and push up against our holes until he squirted. One time, it went in Susie’s hole a little ways and he filled her butt with the sticky stuff then he told me to stick my peter in there and go up and down. Wow, that was nice. It was warm and slippery.

Soon, it was time for the other kids to come home from school and pick us up. Uncle Joe would remind us not to say anything and, of course we didn’t. The next day we were over there doing it again. He’d let us rub his big peter and then he’d suck on us. Susie and I would do the pump up and down thing and uncle Joe would shoot big wads of sticky stuff on us. After about a year of this, he was able to get his peter in my butt hole pretty good and he’d squirt in me. Then he finally got his middle finger to go all the way inside Susie’s little pee hole and he’d do it real fast and Susie would roll back her eyes and moan. It was good, she said. While he had his finger in there, I’d rub his big thing until it squirted on my belly and peter, then I’d play with mine with all that slippery stuff on it. He’d tell Susie to hold the lips of her pee pee open and then he would take his peter and make that slapping noise again and squirt lots of stuff in there then put me on top of her and let me squish in and out. That was really fun. Boy, did I love that warm slippery feeling when I got my peter in her. Susie and I would mess around whenever we could. Nobody ever caught on, or at least we didn’t think so.

My brother tells me that he knew what I was doing with uncle Joe and Susie, but never said anything, because he and Darlene were doing it too. He said both him and Ron were putting their peters in my older sisters. They’d even trade off. Now, I know why there was such a kadoo over the beds. It was a matter of who was doing it with whom, and it was easier to play on the floor bed, because there was a lot of room and it didn’t squeak like the other beds. Ron says when I turn 15, he’ll let me do it with Darlene. I can hardly wait. In the meantime Susie and I go over to uncle Joe’s house about twice a week…. Life is good.