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My wife Lorie, her friend Joy and I were out for a night of fun. We were sitting at the bar, talking when the gals, got a little wild. The more than drank, which actually was not that much, but the liquor started to take its effect. The place was kind of empty, a country place in the sticks. Lorie started talking very dirty, the bartender looking over and grinned at us.

Lorie said, “Wait until later honey, you are going to be licking my pussy and ass!”

My wife Lorie, is about five nine, weighs about one-sixty. Nice firm tits, hairy pussy, nice full ass. Joy is about five-five one-thirty small tits, and a nice round ass on her also. Joy and Lorie both looked at me snickering, about the licking pussy and ass comment. I could not help but think… something kinky comes my way.

Needless to say my face felt flushed from the drinks or their bawdy banter? Lorie saw one of those big beer sausages, a smile and devilish look, in the mirror behind the bar, she said, “I really should get one of those and take you in the bathroom and fuck you up your ass with it.” Joy spit her beer back in her glass, and laughing her ass off she added ” God would I love to see that!”

Shaking my head at the bizarre statement, my face blushing even more I said, “I have to pee, be right back.”

I could hear my wife tell her, “Maybe you will see that, Joy, if I decide I want to fuck his ass you can watch.”

Not quite believing what I was hearing, I walked a little shaky towards the men’s room. Joy called out, “Don’t play with it in there Scott.”

Taking my cock out of my pants, I have to admit I was more than a little aroused. Looking at my cock as it flopped out of my pants, shaking it and it started to respond almost getting a hard-on. I watched as my clear stream of piss hit the back of the urinal.

Lorie said, “Joy said we should stop and get a big salami, and fuck your ass with that.”

Joy looked around my wife at me licking her lips, then waving at me, blowing me a kiss. She said, “Yes I said that, I would love to see a guy get it, just like us women do.”

My wife said, “I have to piss.” She stood up, her hand caressing my burning cheek, then she asked, “Would you like to lick those golden drops off my pussy?”

Having had enough I said to her, “Let’s go… I will lick your pussy while you pee.”

Always one to stay in control Lorie told me, “I know you well, later, along with my ass.”

Joy giggled at this saying, “Scott are you an ass-licker?”

Lorie walked towards the ladies room saying, “Oh yes he is…big time Joy!”

On the ride home, I was banished to the back seat, my wife and Joy were whispering back and forth, laughing. I strained to hear when my wife said “Honey you like to be told what to do, don’t you?” She added, “You love being my slave right honey?”

My cock was now tenting my pants, I shiver saying, “Yes Lorie I love being your slave.”

I was by now so aroused, at the prospect of serving my wife, while another female watched. There was more whispering, and laughing finally we get to our house. Lorie told me to, “Stay in the car we are going somewhere else.”

Lorie came out of our house carrying a gym bag, when we get to Joy’s house Lorie inform me we were going in for a while. After we were there for a little while Lorie told me, “Come on with me, I have to go to the toilet.”

Joy’s blue eyes dance with excitement. I see the two women pass a knowing glance. Once inside her bathroom, a nice large one, Lorie started to take down her jeans. Her panties followed, when Lorie said to me, “Take off your pants honey.”

I answer, “I can’t do that here…right now honey, what about Joy?”

Lorie said, “Just fucking do it…NOW!”

I strip off my shoes, pants underwear, nude from the waist up my cock starts to come to life. Lorie sits on the toilet, pulling me over to her, she takes my cock in her hand. Leaning forward she sucks it, slowly into her warm mouth. My wife runs her fingers into my ass crack, her finger circles my asshole. I moan, looking at the bathroom door, just waiting for Joy to pop in.

I whisper to Lorie, “What about Joy, will she get pissed because we are in her leaving her all alone?”

My wife slips her red lips off my hard cock, it stands out nice and thick, all seven inches worth. She looks at me her green eyes flashing she said, “G get down on your knees, right in front of me.”

Lorie orders me, “Take off my jeans.”

She watches me do her bidding, running a hand through her hairy pussy. She pulls my face into her wet cunt, rubbing my nose in her pussy. I can smell her pee, her juices, flowing, it really gets Lorie hot to dominate me.

Twisting my brown hair in her fingers Lorie told me, “Get your tongue in my cunt…DO IT!”

Lories fingers hold my hair tightly to her pussy, my tongue flicks out, up and down her sweaty slit, tasting her piss, her cunt cream. My wife fucks my face with her wet juicy pussy. I was humiliated and oh, so excited, as I work my tongue all over her cunt.

Lorie said, “Joy…come in here, look at my cunt lapping hubby.”

I try to pull my face out of her wet sticky pussy, but Lorie will have none of that. ‘” Keep your face in my cunt Scott!”

I hear the door open, I groan, into my wife’s wet pussy. I hear Joy chuckling, saying, “Look at the cunt-lapper. Lick her pussy slave boy!”

Joy asked, “Did you piss yet Lorie?”

Lorie answered, “No not yet, I was waiting for you to watch. “

Joy said, “Oh this is so cool, I have never done anything this wild before. I have never seen anybody piss in someones face or mouth.”

Joy kneels down to the side of me, her blue eyes wide. She watched me as I gave up to Lorie’s whims completely.

Lorie ordered me, “Play with your cock while you lick me!”

My hand closed over my thick hard cock, and Joy said, “That’s it, Scott play with your dick, jerk off for us.”

Joy laughed, my wife moaned, as my tongue was starting to make her hotter. I lap her cunt, as thick cream starts to drizzle out. Lorie moaned, “That’s it, lick me, eat my juicy cunt…watch this Joy!”

Joy looked intently, watching as I felt warm, golden piss bathing my face. I pulled back a little, my wife had her hands in my hair still. My tongue licked through her golden pee, flicking through the warm stream, filling my mouth with her salty piss. Joy was just fascinated, watching my face get pissed on.

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Joy said, “Fuck, this is so fucking hot, I can’t believe this!”

I felt warm piss trickle down my cheeks, my chin, my face drenched with piss while my wife’s friend looked on!

Lorie looked over at Joy saying, “He licks my ass even better.”

My wife stood up, presenting her bare ass to me, then she bent forward, her arms on the back of the tank her ass pushed back in my piss soaked face. Lorie said, “Scott lick my ass!”

Joy added, “Come on honey, show her how good you can eat my ass!”

Letting go of my hard cock I place my hands on Lorie’s ass cheeks. Slowly I opened them, and Joy could see her spread ass. I saw her asshole brown and crinkly, but there was more, shit was around her hole.

Lorie chuckled asking, “What’s wrong honey, did I not wipe so good?”

Joy gasped, “Lorie there is shit around your ass!”

Joy’s eyes were wide with surprise, as she watched my tongue flick out at Lorie’s wide open crack. I licked my tongue slowly down, from the top of her crack, saving the dirtiest part for last. Joy, her breath coming faster, her eyes never leaving my face. Buried in her ass, I licked my tongue up and down Lorie’s crack, the sweaty smell, the smell of shit, I groaned, my tongue flicking everywhere inside her spread ass.

Lorie moaning, fucking her ass back at my face saying, “That’s it honey, lick all my shit stains off my white ass.”

Spreading Lorie’s cheeks wider, my tongue pokes right up her tasty brown hole. Tongue fucking her ass, my cheeks wet with my saliva, maybe stained brown with Lorie’s shit, I bend to the task of eating her asshole out.

Joy said, “Shit, no one ever licked my ass ever!”

I licked Lorie’s ass, tongue fucking it harder, wanting to show her all that she has been missing. Joy moaned, her fingers rubbing her pussy through her pants.

My wife asked Joy, “Do you want him to do you?”

Joy’s eyes were shining as she said, “Please, make him lick my ass.”

Lorie pulled her ass away from my tongue. She stood up and moved away from the toilet. Joy came over, I leaned back, my hard cock standing out from my body. She stepped over me, her back to me and straddled the toilet. Lowering herself, her bare ass in my face. She leaned forward a bit and raised her ass back. Her pussy inches from my mouth. Lorie pulled my belt from my pants, and doubling it over she came back to stand beside me.

Lorie told me, “Get your ass up higher, so I can spank you while you drink her pee.”

I did as she told me, raising my ass up, waiting for her to start. A shiver ran down my spine, as I waited for the blows. Joy’s ass in front of my face, so ivory white, her shadowy ass crack, deep waiting for my tongue. My wife said, “Lick her pussy Scott, go on do it.”

I leaned forward, flicking my tongue at her wet slit. Tasting her stale piss from her peeing at the bar. I don’t think either of them wiped themselves saving it all for me. My tongue licked her cunt, tasting her, when all of a sudden, she started pissing! My wife swung the belt, hard, cracking my bare ass, telling me, “Go on drink that piss.”

I felt the belt strike my ass. Groaning, as I opened my mouth, I was placing it in her stream of golden hot piss.

Warm piss splashed my face, a hot flare of pain struck my ass. Lorie spanked my ass hard as she watched me drink her friends piss. It ballooned out my cheeks, my mouth filling with warm salty piss.

She said, “That’s it, drink all her pee.”

Joy was moaning in pleasure, while my mouth covered her piss hole, drinking, submitting to her by drinking her piss! My wife spanked my ass with the belt, my ass on fire as I licked the golden drops from Joys pussy. She moaned telling me, “Lick my asshole now!”

Joy leaned forward, her ass spreading open, my hands opening her cheeks. I leaned forward, my tongue flicking out at her brown asshole circling it. I licked at her asshole, my tongue teasing it, making her moan, loudly. I poked my tongue into her ass, tasting the dark mysteries of her ass. My wife occasionally cracking my ass watched as I ate her friends asshole out. I could feel the tip of a turd in Joy’ s ass!

Joy groaned, “I have to shit! Should I shit with his face in my ass Lorie?”

Lorie said, “I would not have it any other way Joy.” Lorie added, “Tell her honey, tell her that she can shit in your face or mouth, where ever she wants.”

I answered, “Please Joy, shit in my face or mouth if you want. I really want to please you, do what ever you want.”

Joy said, “Wow Lorie, you have this puppy trained! Okay Scott get ready to taste my shit.”

I saw her asshole open, as a brown turd started slipping from her ass. It slowly slid out, as I leaned towards it. I could smell another woman’s shit, as my wife looked on.

My wife said, “Lick her turd Scott, lick it like it was a big brown dick.”

Joy chuckled, and groaned saying, “Oh fuck, this is so exciting having someone’s face in my ass, while I shit.”

I licked at her turd, my tongue licking it up and down, like a cock. It slid out of her ass, hanging about six inches. My tongue licking, tasting my wife’s friend’s shit.

Lorie told me, “Suck it, just like it was a cock.”

Looking at her, I opened my mouth, slipping the end of the turd into my mouth. I sucked Joy’s turd, like a cock, her bitter shit flavor, filling my mouth. My wife moaned, watching me do as she said, her fingers rubbing her cunt. I could see how excited my wife was, watching me, sucking on her friends turd. I feel my spit, running down my chin, probably tinged brown.

I was sucking her turd when it broke off, hanging from my mouth. I looked inside of her spread cheeks, seeing the mess I made by wiggling her turd in my mouth. Shit was smeared around her asshole and in her crack.

Lorie said, “Well honey, looks like you have some licking to do. Lick the poop from her asshole, now.”

Joy moaned, “I can’t believe this, fuck this is so good, my god lick me, lick me clean.”

My hands spread her cheeks wider, my tongue flicked out in her filthy ass-crack. My tongues tip, licking her shit, it was cooling now, not as warm. I licked her chocolate, from her asshole. Joy hissed, panted, shook with arousal…

The two of them were not through with me yet!

Lorie went to the bag, taking out an enema bag. Scott, look what we have for you. I groaned knowing what they were plotting next. Lorie said, “Strip, naked and get on all fours.”

Knowing it was useless to argue, I obeyed. Naked on all fours, with my ass up, my wife squirted some gel on her finger. Feeling the cool, gel she rubbed my asshole. Her finger slid into my ass. I groaned feeling violated, while her friend giggled, and watched. They both taunted me, making me feel humiliated. The funny thing was, my cock stayed hard, I was enjoying it!

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I felt the nozzle go up my ass. The warm water filled my bowels. I groaned as I started to get, that full feeling, with the urge to shit. They chuckled, slapping my ass, and when I moaned to loud, Joy went into the bag and took a dildo out. It was a big, thick one. She strapped it around her waist. Then kneeling in front of me, she told me, “Suck my prick, you slut!”

My wife and her had a good laugh, as I took it in my mouth.

Lorie said, “Oh, what cock sucking slut he is, right Joy?”

Joy laughing said, “He is like a trained slut, Lorie I think he was born to suck cock and lick ass.”

I moaned around the dildo, feeling my bowels fill, the bag empty. Joy pulled the dildo away, from my mouth. My wife said, “Okay Scott, go lay in the tub, on your back.”

Then she added, “Now pull your legs back, over your head. I want your ass hanging over your face.”

I did as she ordered, it was hard to move, being full of the enema. My legs I pulled back, over my head, my cock hung down over my face. I could see my ass cheeks, my hairy crack.

Lorie said, “Now, you can shit that enema, all over yourself. Come on, we want to see you shit yourself.”

I moaned, my stomach rumbled, as I let my bladder flow. Golden piss streamed from my cock, right into my face, and open mouth.

They laughed, clapping, just enjoying the show. My piss filled my mouth, running out, soaking my face. Then the worst part happened. A fart, louder than any I have ever let in my life, shook the bathroom. A brown gush of shit, erupted from my ass. It rained down on my face, messy, clumps of shit smacking my face. Then, harder longer turds slid out, along my scrotum, trailing over my balls. Hanging there, then dropping on my face!

The gals were beside themselves, why this was an added bonus. Their fingers worked their pussies over, as they moaned watching me humiliate myself.

My wife told me, “Now jerk off, all over your face. Come on we want to see you jack yourself off, all over your face.”

Joy said, “YES, DO IT!”

Having no choice, I started jerking myself off, being urged on by the two of them. My cock, ready to explode, I moaned…”I AM CUMMING…”

My cock, spit, ropey strands of cum, down on my face. Opening my mouth sticking my tongue out, as cum rained into my open mouth…

My face a mess, they chuckled, telling me what a slut I was. Lorie said, “Clean yourself up Scott, because Joy and I, are going to take turns fucking your ass!”

Joy said, “Don’t take too long, because we are going to be licking each other’s pussies, you know, warming up for the main event.”

Laughing they walked out, arm and arm, looking back at me, saying to me, “Hurry up now, we will be in the bedroom.”

Knowing my poor ass was in for a rough night, I started to move, to clean up, and get ready…to serve!