What Claire Did Next, A Mummy’s Girl Sex Story

Well for all those of you who demanded it, and I’ve never had so many e-mails before, then here is a sequel of sorts to “Mummy’s Girl.” I only hope you like this one too. If you haven’t read “Mummy’s Girl” then it’s in the Incest Story Room M-Z. You don’t need to read it first but it might be fun.

Some weeks later…

Ms Hannah Pearson sat impatiently behind her desk. She shuffled papers nervously as she waited for her next appointment. Hannah rather dreaded the forthcoming interview; it was going to prove very embarrassing. Claire Taylor had, until now been a perfect pupil and she had never given the headmistress any cause for concern. But the incident yesterday had shocked Hannah deeply. Now she was going to have to speak to the girl and her mother. The sensitive nature of the incident was going to make for a difficult discussion. She was startled by a sharp knock on the door. The door opened slightly and the school secretary stuck her head inside the office. “Your next appointment is here. Mrs. Taylor and Claire.”

“Thanks Maggie. Could you send them in please? You might as well go home. I’ll be off myself when I’ve finished.” Hannah heard the voice outside her door.

“The headmistress is ready for you. You can go straight in.”

The door opened again, fully this time, and her visitors entered. Claire entered, still wearing her school uniform and holding her mother’s hand. The pretty thirteen-year-old blushed as she caught the head’s eye. It was the girl’s mother though who really caught Hannah’s attention. The woman was tall and slender and wore a nicely tailored business suit. Her hair was dark as her daughter’s but the severe crop was in sharp contrast to her daughter’s long pony tail. Hannah found herself staring at the attractive woman and was flustered to have her stare returned steadily. Mrs. Taylor’s dark eyes twinkled as they held Hannah’s gaze and Hannah felt herself blushing.

“H-hello! Mrs. Taylor. I’m pleased to meet you. I’m sorry to have to ask you to come in after school but there has been an incident I need to discuss with you. Do sit down. You too Claire. Can I get you a cup of coffee Mrs. Taylor?”

“Thanks, but no. I’m fine. And please, call me Sue.”

“You’re sure? Well in that case I think I had better get down to business. Now Mrs. Tay… Sue, I don’t know if Claire has told you anything about yesterday’s little… incident.” Hannah blushed deeper at the thought of what she was going to have to say next.

“No. Claire was very upset last night when she came home with your note. I didn’t want to press her on it. We agreed to wait until we came to see you. Claire is very sensitive and I really don’t like to see her upset. What is the problem? It’s not like Claire to be badly behaved.”

Hannah silently cursed her luck. She had hoped that the mother and daughter might save her having to go into details. This was clearly not her day.

“Well then I had better tell you what went on. It’s not that Claire has broken the rules in any ordinary sense. I’m not sure we have a rule to cover this incident. It’s not something that, er, normally comes up. Not with the younger girls. I’m not sure… what… er…”

“Please. Ms. Pearson. Just tell me exactly what happened. Then we can talk about what you think will be a suitable punishment.”

Hannah, flushed, took a deep breath and started again.

“OK. Yesterday, during the lunch break, I was passing the girl’s changing rooms. Changing rooms are out of bounds except during games lessons but as I passed the door I heard noises coming from inside. I have found girls there in the past using the rooms for a sneaky cigarette.”

“Oh Claire! Were you smoking? You know I don’t approve of that. I’m sorry Ms. Pearson…”

“No! Oh no Claire wasn’t smoking.”

“Then what is the problem?”

“If you just let me finish. I’m sorry but I find this very embarrassing. I went inside and I found Claire and another girl. They were both naked. And they were… touching each other.” Hannah’s face was crimson as she related her story. “They were touching each other, intimately.”

Sue Taylor’s face lit up with a grin.

“Mrs. Taylor! I don’t think this is at all amusing! You’re daughter was engaged in lesbian acts with another girl. A younger girl. This other girl is only twelve! “

“Well I know it’s rather naughty of her but she’s young. Girls are naturally curious at Claire’s age. I’m sure we all had girly crushes at that age. Didn’t you?”

Hannah sat, shocked as Sue Taylor smiled at her. She looked at the woman sitting across the desk from her and her mind flashed back to her own early teen crush on a sixth former. Her own experiments with lesbianism had been fumbling messy affairs, but as she remembered them she felt a warmth between her legs. A warmth she hadn’t felt in a long time; until yesterday.

“I-I, yes well of course we all… but that was a long time ago and it was not at all like yesterday. I found your daughter with her arms around this other girl. They were kissing. Claire then knelt down in front of this other girl and…” Hannah broke off, not sure how to carry on.

“And? Come along Ms. Pearson. I’m a grown up you know. I’m not easily shocked.”

“She knelt down and put her mouth to the other girl’s vagina. She knelt there and kissed this girl’s private parts and licked them. Then I saw her reach into her PE kit and take out a… thing. A plastic penis! She inserted this into the vagina of the other girl and used it to… to…”

“To fuck her? Claire used a dildo to fuck this other girl?”

” Those aren’t the words I would have chosen, but yes. She did just that. Claire did … that to the other girl until she erm… achieved… an… er … orgasm. I had to put a stop to it there and then. I cannot allow such goings on in my school. I was appalled. I told both girls to dress at once and then sent them home with notes for their parents to see me as soon as possible.”

“Claire. Is this true? Were you fucking another girl in the changing rooms?”

Claire sat beside her mother, her head bowed in shame.

“Well Claire?”

“Yes mum. But I didn’t know anyone could see us. I really like Jane. We’ve been doing it for weeks now.”

“Well Ms. Pearson. I can see that this might be a problem. As you say, Claire has been very bad. How long did this little incident last?” Sue Taylor asked the question with a half smile on her face.

“They were… doing it for several minutes and I have no idea how long they had been there before I arrived.”

“But you must have watched them for quite a while. What you described to me must have taken some time.”

Hannah froze.

“You must have been watching the two lovebirds for quite a long time. You didn’t just stop them straight away? “

“I… well.. I… you see…”

“Oh yes I think I see very well. You had to be sure your eyes weren’t deceiving you? Yes I’m sure that’s why you hid and watched my daughter fucking her girlfriend. I’m certain that it wasn’t anything to do with your enjoying it. Of course it didn’t make you hot, did it?”

Hannah sat, paralysed, as she recalled the feelings that had spread through her body as she watched the two young girls make love the previous day. Shame and arousal gripped her as she remembered how her fingers had crept down to her own sex as she watched them. Warmth and moisture gathered in her panties as she thought of how she had touched herself through them.

“Look, Ms. Pearson. Hannah isn’t it? I quite understand. Young girls are so pretty at this age aren’t they? Of course it made you wet. I bet it’s making you wet right now.”

“I… I…”

“Please, let me finish. I quite agree with you. It is not the sort of thing that Claire should be doing at school. And, Claire, where did you get the dildo? Where is it now?”


“It is the new double ended one that Helen gave you, mum. I borrowed it. I’m sorry I didn’t ask. Ms. Pearson confiscated it.”

“I certainly did. I can’t have such things in my school!”

“Of course not. Well Claire? What do you have to say for your self?”

“I’m very sorry mummy. I am sorry Ms. Pearson. I promise I won’t do anything like that at school ever again.”

“Well I’m afraid that sorry isn’t really good enough in this case.” Hannah saw her chance to regain the upper hand. “I think I am going to have to consider a serious punishment. If this got out it would set a terrible example to the other girls. I think, Mrs. Taylor, that I am going to have to suspend Claire for the remainder of the term.”

“Oh I don’t think that will be necessary. I’m sure we could think of a more suitable punishment. Claire has never been in trouble before. And of course if you suspend her then you will have to tell all this again. That would be embarrassing for you. I wonder if anyone else might ask why you stood and watched the girls for quite so long.”

Hannah’s newfound confidence evaporated in an instant.

“You see the problem don’t you Hannah? The natural assumption would be that you were getting off on watching. People might just think you liked what you saw. You did like it, didn’t you? I know I would have. It made me so hot just hearing you say it. I can see you feel the same way. It’s hard not to wriggle in your seat isn’t it? When your cunt is feeling so wet.”

Hannah became aware of shifting in her chair, trying to ease the sticky lips of her sex into a comfortable position.

“Don’t mind us darling. You just get comfy. Now Claire, Ms. Pearson is right I think. A punishment is called for. You shouldn’t let your pussy get the better of you at school. If you want to fuck this girlfriend of yours then bring her home. I won’t mind. Plus of course you borrowed that dildo without asking. It was a present from Helen to both of us. So I think you deserve to be punished. You ought to have a spanking.”

Claire looked horrified.

“Mummy! No…”

“That is not an option Mrs. Taylor. This school does not use corporal punishment. Rules do not allow, nor do I approve of, the smacking of children.”

Sue Taylor smiled at the shocked headmistress.

“I wasn’t suggesting you spank her Hannah. Not unless you really want to! No, I will administer that myself.” she got up from her chair and crossed to the office door. She locked it and returned to her seat. “I just want you to witness it Hannah so that you know Claire has had a punishment she won’t forget. I just want you to watch while I smack Claire’s soft little bum.”

“I can’t allow such a thing! Unlock that door at once! I will be forced to call the school governors and …”

“And tell them how you spent your lunch hour watching young girls fucking?” Sue smiled at Hannah. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Do you? Now just sit there darling and watch. Claire, come here and lie across my knees.”

“But Mummy!”

“No buts now darling. You have been a very bad girl. I promise not to hurt too much, but Ms. Pearson thinks you need to be taught a lesson. Don’t you Hannah?”

“I want nothing to do with this. I must…”

“Hush now Hannah and get comfortable. And you too Claire. Comfortable over my knee.”

Claire stood up, her head bowed in shame and moved to place herself face down across her mother’s knee. She lay there in her uniform as her mother shifted into a comfortable position.

“Bare bottom don’t you think Hannah? A very pretty bottom it is too.”

Sue pulled up the hem of her daughter’s skirt and tucked it neatly into the waistband. Claire’s knicker-covered bottom was exposed. In this position, the white cotton was stretched tight across the little girl’s firm bum. Her mother slipped fingers beneath the elastic of the panties and eased them slowly down to uncover the smooth cheeks of her daughter’s arse. Hannah gave an involuntary sigh as she recalled the last time she had seen the tight little bottom. It had been jutting in the air as Claire had licked her girlfriend’s sex.

“I know!” said Sue. “Gorgeous, isn’t it? Alright now Claire, six of the best as they say. Now be a brave girl and mummy will make it better afterwards.”

She ran her hand over the smooth flesh for a moment before raising her arm. She brought the palm down smartly on Claire’s bare bottom.


“OW! Mummy it hurts.”

“Now be a brave girl. Remember, Ms. Pearson is watching. You are watching, aren’t you Hannah?”


A second slap followed and as Hannah watched, the previously pale cheeks took on a rosy glow. Prints of Sue Taylor’s hand were clearly visible.


Claire was sniffing back a tear now, but Hannah was too absorbed in the spectacle to raise any objections. She felt a growing wetness in her knickers and warmth spread through her body, radiating outward from her moist sex. Her nipples became noticeably harder as the flush reached her breasts.


“I see I have two bad girls here,” smiled Sue as she watched Hannah colour.


“Just one more Claire darling and then mummy will make it all better.”

Hannah watched the woman closely, seeing an odd expression cross her features. If she didn’t know better she would have thought it was a look of sexual pleasure.

Sue stared back as she raised her hand once more. Pleasure was indeed flooding her wet cunt as she administered the spanking to her daughter, and as she saw that Hannah Pearson’s hand had strayed beneath her skirt.


“There now. All done. How does your bottom feel Claire?”

“It stings mum. I’m very sorry. I won’t be bad at school again.” The girl’s face was wet with tears.

“I’m pleased to hear it darling. I’m sorry it hurt. Does it make you bottom very warm?” She placed her hand gently now on Claire’s bum and softly stroked the rosy pink mounds. “There there now. Let mummy make it all better.”

To Hannah’s amazement, the woman began to rub her hand sensuously across her daughter’s bottom. The fingers moved slowly downwards, slipping into the valley between Claire’s buttocks. The hand slid lower still until it came to rest above the young girl’s concealed sex.

“Mmmm! Mum that’s so good.” Claire opened her legs to allow her mother better access. “Touch my cunt mummy. It’s really hot.”

The girl’s words startled Hannah from her own erotic reverie.

“You can’t do that it’s…”

“Incest? Well yes darling. It is isn’t it? But then Claire likes it so much. I would be a terrible mother to deny my daughter her pleasure. We all need our pleasures don’t we Hannah? Do your fingers feel good on your cunt darling?”


Hannah became aware that her hand had indeed strayed between her legs. She had pulled the damp crotch of her knickers aside and her fingers were stroking the wet lips of her sex quite unconsciously.

“Finger my cunny mummy. I want it so much.” Claire was writhing now on her mother’s lap as the woman’s hand probed her daughter’s pussy.

Hannah could see that a finger was now deep inside the young girl. Hannah herself was now too aroused to object to Sue’s behaviour. She abandoned herself to the sensations in her own hot sex, as she rubbed a sticky finger in small circles over her clitoris. She began to masturbate herself as she watched the woman rapidly finger-fuck her daughter’s tight hairless pussy.

“Yes mummy! Ohhhhhh, do it deeper! Make me come on your hand.” Claire turned her head to look at her teacher. “Look mum, Ms. Pearson’s touching her cunt. She looks so pretty with her legs spread like that.”

“Doesn’t she just. Does it make you feel sexy to watch her darling? It makes me so hot. She’s very beautiful.”

The words barely penetrated Hannah’s consciousness, so absorbed was she in the sight of this woman masturbating her own thirteen-year-old child.

“Faster mummy, faster now. Rub my clit for me. I’m nearly there now. Deeper! Mmmm, yes! I’m coming mum. I’m coming really hard! OHHHH!”

Claire’s body stiffened on her mother’s lap as she reached her climax. Hannah could see Sue’s hand glistening with the juices from the girl’s pussy.

“There now darling. I told you mummy would make it feel better again. And we have made Hannah feel good too.” Sue watched excitedly as Hannah pushed two fingers deep inside herself, spreading her cunt lips apart with her other hand. “Stand up now Claire. Let’s help Ms. Pearson. I’m sure she would like to see just what a pretty little girl you are. Come on let’s take that uniform off.”

Claire slid from her mother’s lap and faced Hannah. The headmistress still sat, masturbating, in her chair. Sue started to unbutton her daughter’s white blouse as Claire removed her striped school tie. The crisp white shirt was opened to uncover Claire’s barely developed breasts. Hannah groaned as she saw the two pale conical tits, tipped as they were with dark erect nipples. Her mother finished removing the blouse and bent her head to take one small tit between her lips.

As Sue sucked on her nipple, Claire worked her knickers down from around the slim thighs where they had rested during her spanking. She stepped out of them and unzipped her green pleated skirt. It fell to the floor and she stood before her headmistress, naked but for her shoes and white socks. Her mother released the small breast from her mouth leaving it shining with saliva, the nipple now stiff and straining upward from the pointed mound.

“Give Ms. Pearson a little twirl Claire. Show her what a pretty little girl you are.”

Claire turned around slowly allowing Hannah a perfect view of her slim, still childish, body. Completing her pirouette she faced her teacher once more. The girl stood, seemingly entranced as she watched Hannah rubbing her pussy. Then she moved around the desk to stand close beside the headmistress. As Hannah continued to move three fingers rapidly in her cunt, the young girl reached out a hand and stroked the woman’s face.

“I think you’re very pretty Ms. Pearson. I’ve fancied you for ages. You’re really nice and you make me feel sexy.”

“Oh Claire,” Hannah sighed.

“Would you like to touch me? Here, feel how wet my cunny is.” Claire took Hannah’s hand, drawing it toward her and placing it on her soft and hairless sex. The teacher cupped the small cunt beneath her fingers, feeling a trickle of sticky cream run over her hand. The girl’s own fingers brushed Hannah’s clit. The mere touch of the warm, soft hand was too much for Hannah. Her climax was staggering, more intense than anything she had ever felt before. It spread in waves through her body radiating out from her cunt as she buried her fingers deep within it.

“Ahhhh. Claire! Oh you’re so pretty. Yes, touch me. You’re making me come! OHHHHH!” Hannah’s eyes closed in ecstasy as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She slumped, half collapsed in her chair. She was unaware of the passage of time, but when she reopened her eyes she found the mother and daughter standing along side her, gently touching her hair and face. Sue Taylor had followed her daughter’s example and stripped. She pressed her naked body against Hannah as the teacher gathered her wits. Sue was even more striking naked than she was when clothed. Hannah’s gaze moved down from the woman’s face, over the small hard breasts with their wide aureoles and long erect nipples, taking in the flat stomach and settling finally on the thick bush of black hair that hid her cunt. Sue stood proud allowing the other woman to appraise her nakedness.

“Do you like what you see Hannah?”

“Y-yes. You’re very beautiful.”

“She’s ever so sexy too.” added Claire as she reached over to touch her mother’s breast. “And she’s really good at making love.”

“Thank you darling. Isn’t she a good girl Hannah? So polite. And so sweet. And so hot.”

“Can we see you Ms. Pearson? Will you let us see how pretty you are?” Claire’s small fingers began their work on the buttons that closed the front of Hannah’s dress. She moved slowly down, unfastening as she went. When she had loosened the last one, the thirteen-year-old opened the dress wide exposing her teacher’s body. Hannah now wore only a matching red bra and panties. A deeper red area marked where her cunt had soaked the fabric of her knickers.

“Oh miss! You’re very pretty.” The young girl slipped Hannah’s bra straps from her shoulders and freed the aching breasts to her small delicate hands. Leaning forward she sucked hard on the woman’s swollen nipple.

“OHHH! Claire, you mustn’t. You mustn’t do that. Ahhh yesss!” Confusion reigned in Hannah’s mind. She knew deep down that what was happening was wrong. She was the girl’s teacher, responsible for her care and education. But the pleasure she took from the soft young mouth at her breast was exquisite. She felt fresh juices flowing from her cunt soaking her panties again. The headmistress’s hand closed over Claire’s tiny breast allowing the stiff nipple to protrude between her fingers. The young girl rubbed her body against Hannah’s like a cat. Indeed a sound very like a purr came from Claire’s throat.

“Isn’t she good Hannah? She has a natural talent. And not just in her mouth. Where did you put the dildo Hannah? The one you confiscated yesterday.”

“It… it’s there in the drawer. The top one.” Hannah replied distractedly. “That’s so good Claire. Touch me again, touch my… my cunt. ” She raised herself from the seat and slipped her panties off and down her legs. She opened her thighs to allow the little girl access to her now gaping sex. Seeing her headmistress’s pussy presented so lewdly, Claire released the painfully stiff nipple from between her soft lips and sharp little teeth and dropped to her knees between Hannah’s legs. Placing her small hands on the teacher’s thighs she pushed them further apart and then licked gently along the lips of Hannah’s soaking slit.

“That’s a good girl. Oh yes, do it like that. Lick me now.” Hannah placed her hands on either side of Claire’s head holding the girl’s face close to her crotch. The long dark hair felt wonderfully soft beneath her fingers. Claire’s busy tongue was pressed between the lips of her teacher’s sex lapping the thick cream that oozed from within. She raised her self up occasionally to take Hannah’s hard clitoris between her lips and suck on it for a moment. Hannah was in seventh heaven. The fingers and tongue that stimulated her excited cunt were wonderfully soft and gentle. But more than that Hannah was excited to look down and see this little girl kneeling before her. Claire looked so sweet and pretty, but there she was on her knees and sucking Hannah’s cunt. The very thought that this child was hers to enjoy drove her to new heights of pleasure. Claire raised her head and looked tenderly into Hannah’s eyes.

“Come and do it to me too Hannah. Please Miss, suck my cunny.”

The headmistress slid from her seat and lay on the floor. Claire rolled on top of her and then returned her lips to Hannah’s clit. Looking up Hannah saw Claire’s naked, hairless and tightly folded pussy hovering above her face. She grasped the girl by the hips and pulled her gently down onto her mouth. Opening her lips wide she could engulf the whole of Claire’s small mound. The skin was shockingly soft and warm. No trace of hair yet marred the perfection of the smooth contours as Hannah’s tongue slid along the narrow opening. She moved higher seeking the girl’s clitoris. Hannah found it easily, small yet, but hard. Claire ground the little bud of flesh firmly against the probing tongue.

Warm sticky fluids moistened Hannah’s face and she sucked them from the source. Claire’s juices were sweet on her tongue and the little girl’s mouth was exciting her beyond endurance. It was shocking to Hannah to feel the sudden coolness slid across her slippery cheek. It was a moment before she realised what was happening. Then she recognised the object that lay across her face. The dildo, that thick rubbery cock that she had taken from Claire the day before, still sticky with Claire’s lover’s juices. The teacher felt Sue’s knees close beside her face, the strong thighs against her cheeks. As she continued to lick Claire’s clit, she watched the head of the rubber cock slip into place at the entrance to the young girl’s vagina. Claire felt the first cool touch on her lips and raised her face from Hannah’s pussy.

“OHHH YESSS! Do it mummy. Put you big cock up me. Fuck me mummy. Fuck my pussy while Hannah sucks on my clitty. AHHHHHHH!” Claire moaned loudly as the head of the flexible prick parted her lips and then slid inside. To Hannah’s astonishment the dildo entered easily into the thirteen-year-old’s cunt and was quickly swallowed to the hilt. Two wet slits now moved across her face and her mouth was filled with the mingled juices of both mother and daughter.

“Darling Claire! Oh that feels sooo nice. I love your sweet little cunny. Does it feel good? Do you like my big cock?”

“Mmmm yes mummy. It’s so deep in my pussy. Fuck me hard now mummy.”

“And you can fuck Hannah too. Fuck Ms. Pearson with your fingers.”

Claire obeyed her mother, pushing three fingers into Hannah’s cunt. She quickly matched her rhythm with that of the dildo that moved in the depths of her own slit. Spasms of pleasure torn through Hannah’s body. Her cunt gripped tightly around the small delicate fingers that explored her depths. Claire, however, was skilled beyond her years. Each time the teacher reached the brink of orgasm, the little girl felt it approach and eased her thrusts. She kept Hannah hovering on the edge of a climax for what seemed like an eternity. In fact it was the mother and daughter who finally came together.

“Push it right in mummy! Fuck me hard! Fuck my cunny! Fuck me! FUCK ME! OH MUMMY! YESSSS!”

“That’s it darling. Come for mummy. Come on my big cock. I’m coming too. OHHH DARLING GIRL! AHHHHCLAIREOHHHHH!”

Orgasm gripped mother and daughter, each of them filled with half of the double-ended cock. The two cunts pressed down hard on Hannah’s face, filling the teacher’s mouth with soft wet folds of flesh. Both rested there as they recovered. Hannah found it a struggle to breathe as a steady trickle of cream ran from the two cunts. She swallowed the gathering liquid, feeling it slid smoothly down her throat. At last the two moved apart and Hannah felt the one end of the dildo rub against her lips. She found herself gasping for breath as the cool air of the office touched her face. Turning her head she saw Sue kneeling beside her. The woman looked down into her face and smiled.

“I’m sorry Hannah. We got a little carried away there. I do so love to fuck my sweet little girl. We quite forgot about your poor pussy. You must be so hot.”

“I can see. It’s running out of her pussy mum. She’s so juicy.” Claire spoke from her new position, crouching between Hannah’s thighs. The teacher looked toward the girl. The sight that met her eyes was bizarre and exciting. The schoolgirl girl knelt with her hand wrapped around the dildo. It had remained in place and now projected from her cunt. It seemed for all the world like the slim frail child possessed a great thick cock of her own. It looked, thought Hannah, almost monstrous as it jutted forwards almost a foot from the bald slit. Monstrous and incredibly arousing. Claire saw where Hannah’s gaze now rested and she rubbed the thick shaft, her fingers barely closing around its girth.

“Do you like my great big cock Ms. Pearson? It looks sexy doesn’t it? Would you like me to make you come with it? I bet you really need one now.” She took one hand from the cock and used it to pinch her stiff nipples. ” I want another come too. I never want to stop. My mummy always makes me come lots and lots.”

These words, coming from the mouth of this pretty child, excited Hannah more than ever.

“Yes Claire. Come and fuck me sweetheart. Come and put your big prick in me and make me come.” She spread her legs wide and stretched her lips open with her fingers. Her hole gaped and glistened before the girl.

“Well turn over Ms. Pearson. Get on your hands and knees. I want to do you like a doggy.” Claire giggled as she watched Hannah move into position, her head down and her bum in the air. Her cunt pouted open as she presented it to Claire.

“She looks lovely like that doesn’t she darling? You mustn’t keep Hannah waiting now. Fuck Ms. Pearson. Fuck your teacher with that big beautiful prick darling.” Sue urged her daughter on as she herself moved to lie, legs spread wide before Hannah. “Fuck Hannah’s pretty cunny while she eats mine.”

The mother pushed Hannah’s face hard into her crotch and thrust her hips forward to meet the teacher’s probing tongue. At the same moment Hannah felt small soft hands on her cunt as Claire spread the lips and placed the tip of the dildo against her waiting slit. As the bulbous head slipped inside, Hannah felt herself seemingly suck the thick rubber shaft inside. It stretched her cunt, filling her completely. Claire’s smooth sex pressed itself against Hannah’s as the full length of the cock was buried inside her. The sensation of her cunt full of this little girl’s thick cock and the mother’s wet cunt filling her mouth brought Hannah more pleasure than she had ever felt possible. As Claire began slowly to fuck her, Hannah moaned deep in her throat, the sound muffled by her pussy filled mouth. She pushed her tongue to its full length into Sue as she sucked thick cream from scalding hole. Two fingers joined as she fucked Sue, hard and fast.

Claire was groaning too, the dildo sliding in and out as she thrust it into her teacher. She was close to her third climax now and she knew that Hannah was too. Claire reached around, and Hannah let out a muffled scream as the girl’s soft delicate fingers gripped her jutting slippery clit. Her long delayed climax was almost instant and she pushed herself back taking as much of the dildo inside her as she could. She felt the heat and soft wetness of little Claire’s cunt pressed close against her as she began to come hard on the large rubber cock.

“YESSS! OH CLAIRE! You lovely sexy little girl! Dirty girl, you’re making me come. FUCK ME CLAIRE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OHHH FUCK! CLAIRRRRE!” Hannah pulled her face from Sue’s pussy as she cried out. She quickly replaced her tongue with more fingers, ramming them hard and fast into Claire’s mother’s sex.

Claire circled her hips pushing the dildo to every part of Hannah’s cunt, and rubbing her clit against the teacher’s bum. She came quickly then, her cries joining those of her teacher and her mother. Sated finally they lay in a tangled heap on the floor.

It was Claire, full of the energy of youth who was the first to recover. She climbed to her feet and stood looking down at the two older women. Hannah turned her gaze upward to the thirteen-year-old. A wave of fresh lust washed over her as she watched the girl, slim, pale and beautiful, caressing the foot of dildo that protruded from her naked slit. She looked so young; sweet, pretty and totally lewd as she handled that great rubber prick. Leaving Sue exhausted on the floor, Hannah got to her knees in front of this sensual child and placed her own hand on the dildo. Opening her mouth wide she took the length in her mouth and licked it clean, sucking all traces of her own juices from it.

Claire smiled down at her and stroked her hair as Hannah’s head dipped and bobbed on the shaft in her mouth. The girl looked across at her mother.


“Yes my darling?”

“Mummy? Can Ms. Pearson come to our house on Saturday? When Helen comes for dinner? I think Helen would really like her.”

“That’s a lovely idea darling. In fact why don’t you invite your little friend Jane to sleep over too. I’d love to meet her and I think Helen might like to meet both of them. In fact, I think she would just love them.”

This one is gratefully dedicated to Hannah who likes “rude” stories.

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    Super hot story of young and mature lesbianism. I would love to read more of young xx yr old Claire and her xx yr old girlfriend if more stories are to follow.