What I Wanted Erotic story

Tink, tink, tink, tink. The rain hit the glass doors of my foyer while I waited for my cab. I paced the narrow confines, alternately wondering if I was going to actually go through with this or if I was going to falter and run in the other direction. The circumstances that brought me to this point still scared and thrilled me.

I had broken up with my boyfriend of a year and had problems adjusting to being single again. I had put out the word at work and went out with my friends after work but it seemed that out of all of them I did not fit in at the clubs we went to. I must not have been the ideal woman for any of the men there. I was admittedly overweight. Not overly so, but I was pleasantly plump. I dyed my naturally brown hair red and my skin was perfect. I never got zits, and it was a smooth creamy color. I stayed out of the sun because all I ever did was burn. What’s not to love? But when we went into the clubs, all I saw were women that were straw thin, big boobs and a perpetually bored look on their faces. These women had the men, both handsome and not so handsome.

One night I got so frustrated and drunk that I started crying with one of my friends in the bathroom. I railed at the world and wondered what was wrong with me. She kept telling me that even when I was out, that I was still unapproachable. We found a corner in the club, sat down and proceeded to talk. I confided in her that I was into being tied up. She confided that she liked it too. I told her that I wanted try to contact a Domme, one that would understand the attraction, one that would be willing to teach me about BDSM. My friend looked at me as though I had gone nuts. I told her I didn’t want anything to do with men right now, and this sounded like a good way to get my head together. At least there I would be getting some attention.

I had learned about BDSM when I had gotten a computer from work. They sent it home with me along with remote access and Internet access. Once I was at home with it, I had no clue what to do. I called a friend and she came over helped me set it up and soon had me surfing with the best of them. We strolled through various chat rooms and skipped around till I landed in a BDSM one, Fdom4Fsub, I think was the name. I stuck around in there for quite a while. At my friends insistence we went surfing around some more and she showed me how to get to new websites and gave me a little notebook for any passwords I might acquire. Then she sent me on my way to explore the big bad world of Internet.

I had to admit to a fascination for the BDSM chat room I had found, but I found the people to be, well, just pretending. I wanted to know more, but wasn’t sure how. I found precious few websites that were chat and board based when I did a search. I wasn’t interested in porn, and didn’t really want to be hit on by some kind of little kid pretending to be a 30-year-old. I had learned about AIM and installed it on my work computer and spent my days working and talking to people who said hello to me. I constantly searched for websites that focused on the lifestyle, not the porn that came from the lifestyle. Although I must admit to being turned on by the explicit pictures that burned their way into my brain. The images of a woman being stretched to her full length, arms over her head, standing on her tiptoes while she was being whipped, haunted me. I could see myself in that picture and I would masturbate far into the night with that thought in my head.

That night at the club I made a resolution to contact a Dominatrix. I spent hours pouring over profiles and reading listings of clubs. Because of my financial status I wanted a Domme that would train me in exchange for my service. One day while at work, waiting for a huge document to finish printing, I was flipping through the listings of who was on line. I stumbled across a woman who stated what she was, making no bones about it. She seemed intelligent so I sent a message. It took a couple of minutes before she responded. Her reply was polite and not overly encouraging, but I decided to go ahead and see what she would say.

I wrote to her that I wanted to be trained, but I didn’t have the financial resources to afford a Pro Domme. She asked why I was telling her. I responded with that I would like to interview with her to train. I would volunteer myself to help her in anyway I could, cleaning or service of whatever kind she deemed necessary. She was silent for so long that I was afraid that she had forgotten about me. Right when I was convinced that she had blown me off, she responded.

“I need two e-mails from you, one must contain your complete sexual history, beginning with the first time you masturbated and continuing through present day. I want explicit descriptions of what you did and what you do. What you like, what you don’t like and what you have tried. The second should contain your fantasy life, what you think about, what turns you on, what you want to try. Send these to me and we will talk.”

I thanked her and then she clicked off. I started in on my sexual history. When it was finished it seemed awfully short. I had been with four men and one woman in my life. I wrote about doing some bondage and some spanking. I wrote about the way I masturbated and how I did it. My fantasy was more explicit. I discussed how I desired to be tied and used. I discussed my desire to serve, to be exposed, to be dominated and made to do the whims of someone. I talked about how I would see pictures of myself bound and become instantly wet. How I wanted to be used, exposed to new things and to be abject in my desires and needs.

I sent off the e-mails and waited for a response. It came the next day. There was a time and day listed. There was also a request for my address or a place to meet a cab. She was handling all the details just requiring me to wear a full-length coat with nothing under it. There were also explicit instructions as to what I was to do on the drive to meet her. I was a bit nervous, but I knew I had to do what she asked, because for all I knew the cabby could know her and would report my activities.

The car pulled up and I ventured out into the rain. The wind blew the bottom of my coat open as I got into the car, exposing me to the world. I know I flushed, but I said nothing and the driver said nothing as well. Once inside the car, I opened my coat, feeling more blood rush to my face. Once inside the cab, I found the bag on the floor exactly as the instructions stated. I reached in and pulled out the clips. I attached each clip to a nipple and sighed, my nipples were throbbing and I was so wet that my inner thighs were coated.

I reached in the bag again finding a small clip, which looked like a double winged butterfly, with a cord and remote running from it. I attached it and turned it on. The small bullet shaped body barely caressed my clit, resulting in teasing me more than I thought possible. The buzz seemed loud in the cab and I was breathing very quickly. The cabby kept his eyes straight ahead and didn’t indulge in the view. According to my instructions, I was not to come; I had to keep my orgasm at bay. Somehow she would know, she would realize that I had so I decided to just watch the scenery go by.


Within 10 minutes we were on the highway and traveling away from the city. I watched, as the buildings got smaller, the spaces grow larger and there suddenly seemed a large amount of Joshua Trees and fewer and fewer homes. We drove for about 1/2 hour and then turned into a paved street, which wandered up into the mountains. He pulled up in front of a non-pretentious home and I got out of the car. I clutched the bag in my hand and knelt on the front step. I rang the bell and bent my head down. The door opened and I resisted the urge to look up until told to. I watched as black leather boots clicked their way past me and splashed through the water on the drive. I heard the murmur of conversation and then heard the boots click back. They paused by me and a soft powerful voice said,


I didn’t hesitate; I pulled my coat off and knelt there letting the rain sluice down my body. The boots tapped as a hand snaked around and tugged on the nipple clips. I gasped and leaned into the tug. A crop came around out of the corner of my eye, slashing down on to my right buttock. The flash of pain shot through my system and I cried out.

“You are to never break your stance, you need to stay perfectly positioned, no matter what pulls you in another direction. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The crop came down again, slashing on the same spot as before. Tears formed in my eyes and I gasped.

“You will not speak until told to, you will remain on your hands and knees at all times with your legs spread apart. You ass is to be up in the air, and if you are not being addressed, you are to have your face on the floor. Do you understand?” I nodded falling to my hands, spreading my legs and arching my back. I still had not looked up. I had a sinking feeling that if I looked up I would be frozen, just like all the princes were against Medusa.

“Follow me.”

I trailed behind the boots onto a very soft padding that reminded me of wrestling mats from high school. The heels of the boots left sharp imprints in the plastic cover. There was a spicy scent in the air that smelled of countries far away. I was later to learn that the scent was Myrrh. The house was warm which came as a great relief to me. I risked a look around from under my lashes and was surprised to learn it wasn’t really a house. It was a dungeon; the whole thing was a dungeon!

I was brought to a pretty pair of feet. I ducked my head and placed my forehead on the floor. The toenails were painted a very soft coral and the feet looked smooth and supple. The voice echoed through the air, each word was softly accented.

“Mistress, I bring a lump of clay for you to mold.” A soft caressing voice answered,

“Thank you, you’re dismissed.” The feet walked around me, I could feel the way the mat shifted under them. They occasionally nudged at me, shifting my body to a better position. I could hardly breathe; my heart was pounding in my ears. I was sure she could hear it. They stopped again at my head and the voice skimmed over my skin, sending prickles of anticipation over me.

“Raquel, you are here because you contacted me, you wished to be used by and give service to a Dominatrix. Is this correct?” I nodded afraid to find my voice. “Do you still wish this?” Again I nodded, not breathing, not moving, afraid to do anything. “Let me see your face.”

Slowly I raised my head, and found myself staring into the strangest eyes I had ever seen. They were blue, so dark that they looked almost black, except for a yellow circle around the pupil. A square jawed face, with fine features framed them. There was a light dusting of freckles over the nose and the mouth was curved into a smile. White even teeth gleamed through the full rose colored lips. The face appeared clean of makeup and seemed to glow with an inner light.

I followed the neck to shoulders that were as pale as my own. They sloped gently into graceful arms and delicate wrists and hands. Her breasts were high under the black silk robe she wore. Her stomach was flat and her hips in proportion. I couldn’t see her legs through the robe, but her feet were beautiful. When I looked back up at her face, her mouth quirked with humor.

“Enjoy your look?” I flushed. “That’s ok, I assume I meet with your approval?” I blushed again wishing I hadn’t done that. “You still want to go through with this?” Staring into her fascinating eyes I nodded. My heart was still racing and my limbs felt molten. I could feel the heat pulsing through me.

She rested her hand on my head, letting it trail down my skull, to my neck and then finally shoulder. The heat from her hand burned through my skin, right to my bones and straight into my throbbing pussy. I gasped from the sensation and her hand slapped my face. I reeled from the sensations of my pulsing pussy to the stinging in my face.

“You will not make a sound through parted lips, do you understand?” I nodded. Her voice had not raised or gotten harsher, it still stroked my skin like silk, causing my body to shiver. Her hand trailed along my back, raising bumps in its wake. I felt her nails sliding over my upturned ass and sliding in between my spread legs. They stopped briefly at my anus, slipping one inside, pushing into me and causing me to groan through my lips. A different finger slid down my slit, and flicked at my clit. I closed my eyes and willed my body not to move against the teasing fingers, one slipping in and out of my ass and one torturing my clit.

Suddenly the fingers were removed and she said,

“Follow me.”

I crawled after her, feeling bereft with out the touch I so desired. I realized that I didn’t care what she did so long as she continued to touch me, to keep my senses alive. I padded along, looking neither left or right, knowing that if I had to find my way out I would never be able to do it. A slight pressure of her hand on my head urged me up a short set of stairs, to a flat surface. There were many different pieces of erotic equipment. I studied each of them as I waited for her command. She settled herself in a chair, spread her legs, freed her breasts and watched me expectantly.

“Give me a show. Show me what you’ll do with those items up there.” I noticed there were places to rest my feet. I slid my legs into the stirrups and discovered that my ass hung over air. The way they held my legs tilted my ass and wet pussy up into the air and spread both wide. She snapped her hands and two people came in the room, the first was male he lay down with his head under her pussy and he proceeded to lick her beginning at her clit all the way back to her ass. On it’s way his tongue would delve into her. It poked its way into her pussy and into her ass. She showed no emotion to his touch at all. The second was a female that lay next to her Mistress on a raised platform, not unlike my own with her legs spread wide and two different plugs inside her already. I slipped out of the clip vibe and chose a smooth vibe and turned it on, at the barest touch of it to my clit I was close to cumming.


“Feel free to come, enjoy and remember the sensation, it is rare I allow release to my submissives.” I nodded and allowed the vibe to do its job and get me off. I slowly coated the tip of the vibe and teased my lips with it, moving it up and down, not allowing any penetration whatsoever. The girl by the side of the Mistress licked her lips as she followed the path of the vibe. I slowly worked it inside, slipping its coolness into my hot sopping wet hole. I pressed it up into my G-spot and slipped it back out again. My body reacted with unusual speed for having just been orgasmic. It did not take long before I was straining against the vibe and my pussy was gripping at it. As I recovered I watched the mistress.

She was casually playing with the submissive next to her; the girl was tilted so that her pussy and ass were visible to the Mistress. She moved a dildo in and out of the girl’s pussy, slowly stroking her to climax. The girl cried out from behind her sealed mouth, arching upwards and taking the fake cock into her cunt all the way up to its rubber balls. I shuddered imagining that going into me. Which sent new waves of orgasm flowing over me.

The Mistress raised an eyebrow, noting my reaction. I reached up and located the biggest dildo on the wall. It was easily 10 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. I also located a bottle of lube and lubed it completely. I pushed the huge dildo inside me and took it all the way inside. I started slamming it in and out, and soon was in the midst of orgasm again. When I came that time my insides felt bruised from the beating it took. I collapsed back against the bench and lay there panting.

The Mistress stood and walked over to where I lay. “You aren’t tired already are you? I had so much more planned.” With that she gently tugged on my hair and I scrambled to my knees to follow her. The dildo was still inside me, as I moved it moved too. I was close again as she led me to another room.

Once in the room, strange hands cuffed me. My hands were drawn up over my head. My feet were placed into cuffs that kept them flat on the ground. My hands were pulled up nice and tight then relaxed a bit. I was a little disappointed that I would not be stretched too far. I was left there, told to keep my eyes on the floor and I waited. There was not a sound in the room, not a squeak to be heard. I couldn’t believe that they had left me. I started to whimper softly while I struggled against my bonds. I didn’t raise my eyes from the floor because I had a suspicion I was being watched and judged. After what seemed to be an eternity I began to wonder if anyone was really there. How much trouble could I get into if they weren’t there?

I swore under my breath trying to work my hands free and soon realized that I wasn’t able to. I started to sob and the sound echoed off the cold looking stone walls of the room. It was cold in there, and my arms and shoulders were hurting. Soon my legs joined the fray of complaining muscles. My neck hurt, and leaning it against one of my arms pulled the wrist in the cuff, which hurt more.

Tears flowed freely from my eyes; I was really starting to panic and was considering yelling out. I looked around the room instead. There was nothing there. There were no mirrors, no cameras; no one else was there. I couldn’t see anyway that anyone could see or hear me at all. This set me off, I cried harder and the tears dripped down my face, coating my body and my feet. I shook all over and seemed to fall into a sort of trance. I could feel each tear running down my face, I could feel the slight current of air that floated over my body. I could feel my skin itching. The silence of the room was deafening; my sobs seemed pitiful echoing around. I must have fallen asleep or something similar because I never heard her come in. The sting of the lash hitting my sluggish skin went through me like a shock and yanked me out of the state I was in. I almost screamed, but drew in a breath sharply instead. I was disoriented and confused.

My thigh where I was struck felt as though it was on fire, it throbbed hot against the coldness of the rest of my skin. My eyes felt swollen and when the winch was cranked tightening my arms some more, I whimpered in pain.

“You disobeyed directions.” The whip fell again, slashing at the same spot, bringing the throb back to the surface in an explosion of white-hot pain. My eyes overflowed and dripped down on the floor. “You raised your eyes from the floor and searched for an audience to play to. When you did not find one, you panicked. You will be punished.” Her voice slid over my sensitive skin like a soft silk sheath. My nipples hardened and wetness flushed between my thighs. I whimpered more as I kept my head down.

A loud smack attended my ears a split second before the sting of the paddle registered in my behind. She stood to the side of me, with one hand on my stomach; her skin was so hot it seemed she burned. The paddle started to fall with a rhythmic pattern. I was stretched out so far that I couldn’t do anything against it. My buttocks burned as the paddle fell against them. I felt as though I was being brought to the edge of a cliff, but couldn’t take the next step and fall over. Suddenly my body convulsed in orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. My pussy clenched at the oversized dildo and my thighs flooded with my own cum. My mind reeled. I had come with out any sexual stimulation other than just the way I was bound and her hand on my stomach. I was released and crumpled into a heap on the floor.

“Get up.” The voice did not belong to the Mistress; it was a male voice. Oh God who had seen me? I scrambled to my knees and felt her touch again. I knew it was her, I could tell the difference. Her fingertips burned their way down my spine. She cupped my burning ass and her hand still felt hot in comparison. Slowly that hand crept down to the dildo where it slid it out. I felt empty and started sobbing at the release that came with that simple motion. My body felt clean and pure. My blood coursed through my veins like molten lava, slowly pushing, throbbing, and making my limbs feel heavy and hot.

I was pulled to my feet where I simply swayed. I was reveling in the delicious sensations that were still overwhelming my senses. One would have never thought I had experienced an orgasm before and with the way I felt right now, I wasn’t sure I ever had. I was walked to a bench in the hall and made to kneel. A man sat in front of me, his face covered with a black hood. He was bound and his cock stood straight and tall. He seemed to jump at any slight breeze. I understood that feeling. At that moment, taking him into my mouth seemed a kindness. It would give him something else to focus on something to concentrate all that sensivity on.

My head was pushed down onto his cock and was held there while the man fucked at my mouth. I was given no control of his movements and while he didn’t touch me at all he could have been. He went in deep, thrusting and moaning behind his closed lips. I eagerly sucked on him when it was possible. My tongue played with his tip as he pushed his way in and pulled his way out.

Suddenly we were pulled apart, I could see him strain against his bonds. He appeared close to cumming and I felt sympathy for him. I would have finished him off had we been given the opportunity. I was turned around and placed on his cock. He drove into me and my body welcomed the intruder. Over and over he pounded into me. I know I would have collapsed if it hadn’t have been for the strong hands holding me up. My body was wracked almost in continuous orgasm. I was pulled off of him and forced to take him into my mouth again. I cleaned my own cum off of his cock and balls and when he was finally allowed release he erupted into my mouth like a geyser. I sucked him dry and as soon as he was finished I was pulled off again while still licking my lips. I was thrown to my knees and forced to crawl along behind a pair of large feet.

We wandered around until I was led to a woman who was bound. Her legs were spread so far apart it hurt to watch her. She was curled up so that she was upside down. With her ass and pussy open for everyone to see. I was pushed into her dripping wet pussy and told to clean her. I went to work and started at her clit. Of course the more I worked on her, the more juice came from her. I had been pushing my tongue into her and licking her in long strokes as I was told to when I was pushed further back to her ass. I knew I couldn’t hesitate and started to lick there as well. I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could go and after a few minutes was finally pulled off.


Again I was lead off. I was placed into a swing and hung in a room. I was blindfolded and cuffed so that nothing of myself touched anything else. I was pulled open and exposed. My nipple clamps were pulled taunt and my pussy lips were clipped and spread open as well, exposing my clit and pussy to the room.

People started filing in, one after the other, I could hear them enter and I could feel my body being explored. Fingers would enter me, or rub my clit or ass. My nipples were pulled in the clamps and every once in a while a hand would smack at my ass. Suddenly I could smell her; she was in the room! Goosebumps raced over my body and I prayed for some attention to her. I shivered while I was waiting. I didn’t undulate or try to draw attention to myself, because of the reprimand she had given me earlier. I waited quietly praying that she would touch me.

I was so tense and rigid; I almost didn’t feel the finger. It slowly stroked my inner lips, burning its way along. I knew it was her, my pussy flushed with heat and I could feel my juice leaking out of me. Slowly one finger slipped inside me. It went directly to my G-spot and rubbed slowly. I arched in my chair, begging for more.

“Raquel, have you ever been fisted before?” I shook my head for the negative. “I am going to fist you.” Her voice sent shivers down my spine. It was still soft and melodic, but there was an edge to it that made me want to run. “I am going to fuck you with my whole hand. Do you understand that?” I nodded. “There are a few people here to watch this demonstration. The current money is that since you are so tight, that it will be difficult for you. I don’t think so however, I think you can not only handle it, but can easily orgasm. Do not disappoint me.” I shook my head again. I would do my best for her.

The sling changed position. I was lying flat and raised up. I could feel her touch on my thigh and I shivered again. Once again I felt her finger tracing my pussy. Her voice began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight. Tonight we are going to have several demonstrations, the first of which will be my new submissive Raquel. Raquel joined me for the first time this weekend, so is still learning the ropes.” Everyone laughed. “She has never submitted before, nor has she been fisted. I hope you enjoy the demonstration.”

She started talking, but I discovered that her voice ebbed along with her fingers on my body. She poured something over my pussy and proceeded to work it in over my lips and inside me. The rhythmic way she touched me had me up to a fever pitch before she ever changed the tone. She started with teasing my clit. I didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. She wouldn’t allow me release yet so I started to cry. I felt one finger slip inside me, and stroke my walls. Then two. As she worked, she explained what she was doing to the audience. I barely heard her. Three fingers were added and she kept up the stroking. I was writhing under her touch and every time I would move the nipple clamps would grip on and send slivers of pain into me.

When she inserted four fingers into me. I could feel her thumb resting on my clit and I was moaning so loudly that I was afraid of a swift punishment. Her hand was stretching me and filling me so much that I didn’t believe that she could do more. I was mindless and could only concentrate on the sensations she was ripping through my body. Slowly I felt the fingers slide out and then push their way back in. They stretched me so much I almost screamed. I was tilted back so the blood was rushing to my head and then suddenly it felt as though a plug had gone in. I was so full, the sensation on my g-spot was amazing and I felt her make a fist inside me. Her fist started to rotate side to side inside me. Her knuckles rubbed against my G-spot and with in seconds I couldn’t control the orgasm that ripped through me. Then it was all black.

I woke up still in the swing a few minutes later. I was so ashamed for passing out that wanted to curl up in a ball and hide. I was still strapped down however they had removed my blindfold. I didn’t know if anyone was around and though the room was quiet I could only assume that they wouldn’t have left me alone after that. Sure enough as soon as I moved I felt myself being unbuckled from the sling. I was gently placed on the floor and as I maneuvered my self into a kneeling position I started to sway. A hand was placed on my shoulder and I was lead away down a hall. There was a bed with a canopy in the room and the bed was enclosed with dark velvet curtains. I stared at the bed with a bit of dread. The curtain was parted and I was nudged to climb in the bed.

One half of the mattress had cuffs in the bed and attached to the posts. I was secured into them, my arms over my head; my legs spread wide and then covered with a blanket. A while later I heard the door open and I heard her voice.

“Stay here for a while dear, I intend to find out what my new little submissive can do. It would be amusing for you to fuck her while she eats me out.” My heart leapt into my throat. Suddenly she pulled aside the curtain and yanked the blanket from my body. Her eyes raked me. I shivered and tried to be as still as I could be. Her eyes settled on my still clamped nipples and she smiled a bit as she pulled them off. I was unprepared for the pain that raked through my nipples. The pain was accompanied by a flooding of my pussy. I was surprised by the flush that accompanied my body. She unhooked me from the mattress and lay down.

“Eat me and do it well or you will be on your way back home.” I nodded and buried my face in her well-trimmed pussy. I started by licking her inner lips, tasting her, lightly running my tongue up into her. When my tongue reached her clit and circled around it she arched slightly. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked at it. She arched into me and I looked up amazed to find a man. He was leaning over her, kissing her. His hand stroked her breasts and twisted her nipples. His other hand stroked his long thick cock. I stared for a second, I didn’t think that men were really that well hung. He was easily 4 inches around and 10 inches long. He was completely shaved and I could see the rubber balls of a dildo sticking out of his ass.

My stomach did a flip as I watched his hand slip over the tip of his cock. She waved at him and he walked around and pulled my pussy up to him. In one smooth stroke he was inside me. I gasped at the deep penetration. I concentrated on pleasing my mistress. She was more important than my own satisfaction. I used my fingers inside her and soon hear the echoing of her cries through the room. I was amazed to find my body responded to her orgasm with one of it’s own. She pushed me away from her clit and gestured for the man to slide into her.

“Raquel, take the dildo and use it on him while he fucks me.” I reached over and started to move it inside him. The fake dildo was easily as big as his was and it slipped in and out of him as I held it still. The Mistress cried out again and then pushed him back. She climbed on top of him and rode him. When she had come for the third time, the poor man was sweating and tears were streaking his face. She granted him permission to cum and he must have exploded into her. When she was done, she moved her pussy over his mouth and he cleaned his own cum out of her. She lay back on the bed and studied me. I kept my eyes down and tried to look as submissive as possible.

“I have decided that you will spend each weekend with me. While you are here, you will clean, and wait on me and my guests. In return you will be trained in the ways of a submissive.” I was so happy that my eyes shot up and I tried to restrain myself by kissing her feet. She laughed and told me to go collect my coat and go home. It had been a productive evening and I must be tired.

I was lead back and put into another cab. When I settled into the seat I was tired and yet I couldn’t stop grinning. I watched the house recede in the distance and shivered at the thought of returning.