What Little Sisters Do (When They Get Bored) Erotic stories

Jason sat in his room playing his brand new game, Final Fantasy 8. He just got it the previous day for his 16th birthday and was making great progress. He had heard about the game from his friends who always talked about a certain character, Rinoa. Jason knew he would soon get to see the young damsel as he furiously attacked his enemies and ran thru the game. Finally, the time had come, as his main character was called to the Garden to prepare for the graduation feast. He entered the party as the game split into a movie scene, and there she was. Rinoa approached his character and convinced him to dance with her. He started out a little clumsy, but was soon gracefully dancing about and enjoying himself. Rinoa was so graceful on the TV screen .. so beautiful and cute with that sparkle in her eye. Her body was stunning. Jason knew she wasn’t real, but she was still perfect, and he just couldn’t contain himself as he hopped onto his computer and started looking for some good porno to whack off to. He got into a site called Tight Teen Twats and found a couple videos to start downloading and view, one after the other, as he pumped his 6″ rod.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jason’s 18-year-old sister, Kathy, was combing her Barbie doll’s hair. She quietly hummed to herself as she sat Indian style on the floor of her room. Mom and dad were to be out for a while and Jason was supposed to be watching his sister, but he just had to play his game and find the girl. And Kathy wanted to play with her Barbie so Jason told her she could and just to stay out of trouble, so she did. But, as young children tend to, Kathy got bored and decided to go bug her big brother. With Barbie in her hand, she made her way up the stairs. Jason was too busy squeezing his own balls and sliding his hand up and down his shaft to notice his little sister come up. She cheerfully walked over and pushed the door open and made an audible gasp as she beheld the site of her brother, with pants around his ankles and both hands working at his crotch.

“OMG! Kathy!”, Jason shrieked as he hurriedly pulled his pants up, “What the hell are you doing up here? I thought you were playing in your room!”

“I’m sorry, Jassy…”, she responded, “I just got bored and wanted to come see what you was up to. So .. whatcha doooing?”

Jason quickly clicked the X’s on all the naked pics and videos and tried to think of a way to respond, but all that came out was “Umm ummm ummm…”

“Hey, Jason?”, Kathy asked.

“Umm.. yeah?”, he muttered.

“What was that thing in your pants? Can I see it?”

“No! It’s something only boys have, girls aren’t aloud to see them til they’re much older like mom and dad’s age.”

“Awwww geez, Jason”, she retorted, “I’ll be dead before I’m as old as mom and dad, just let me get a quick look! Please please please please please!!!!!” she begged.

Jason took a deep breath and said, “Alright, Kathy, but you have to promise not to tell anyone ever!”

Kathy knew how serious he was and answered, “Okay, I pwomise!”

“Good”, replied Jason as he slowly pulled his pants back down below his ankles. “There now, get a good look and leave me alone.”

“But Jassooonnn…” she whined.

“What? I said you can have a look so here ya go.”

“Yeah, but what were you doing with it before? I wanna know!”


Jason let out a big sigh and knew he was in over his head, but decided she might as well learn sometime. So he began, “Look, Kathy, this is called a penis. When a man and woman decide they want to have a child, this thing goes inside the woman and tries to make a baby, okay?”

“But Jassoooonn…” she whined again.

“What now, Kathy?!” he said, slightly annoyed.

“What were YOU doing?! Did your hand want to have a baby?!”, she asked.

Jason let out a slight laugh and cheered up a bit. His sister was so naive, he thought. “Kathy, no, I was just having some fun with myself. Nothing you need to worry about.”

Kathy’s eyes lit up at the word “fun” and she quickly reached out to grab Jason’s soft dick and started stroking it like he had been doing. “What’s so fun about this?”, she asked.

Jason panicked as his eyes shot out of his sockets. Never before had he felt another person’s hand on his shaft, and sister or not, it felt good. He mumbled a bit and managed to get out, “Oh well ummmm I don’t know, it’s fun for me. Feels really good, Kathy.”

Kathy just gave him a funny look. Jason’s cock started to harden and she giggled, “What’s it doing now, Jason?”

“Well, when they get hard sometimes.”


“So the man can put it in the woman and make babies. It would never get inside her if it was soft.”

“Ohhhhh, I want babies!”, Kathy said excitedly as she knelt down between Jason’s legs and put the head of his cock into her mouth. Jason almost screamed from the shock. He couldn’t believe how nice it felt to have his dick between his sister’s warm, moist mouth. He slowly and gently bucked his hips up into his sister’s mouth and managed to get some of the head into her throat without her choking. After about a minute, Kathy took her head off and said, “Jason, where are the babies at?! Were you lying to me….?”

Jason, recovering from the sensations, muttered out that it takes 9 months and that the man needs to cum inside the woman’s pussy.

“What’s a pussy”, Kathy asked.

“It’s where you pee from”, he said.

“Oooooooh I understand now!”, she said as she hopped onto Jason’s lap and managed to slide his hard prick right up her without any resistance or trouble. Jason gasped and wanted to scream as a torrent of heated pleasure raced thru his body and he ejaculated right up into Kathy’s little womb.

“OMG!”, he yelled.

“Ewww Jason I feel all gooey inside. Did you cum in me?!”

“Umm.. yeah. Sorry.”

Kathy giggled, “It feels good!”, she said as she began to bounce on his stiff dick. Jason and Kathy both started moaning and panting now as pleasure filled every orifice of their bodies.

“Oh fuck”, Jason gasped.

Kathy couldn’t believe the quivering sensations running thru her clit and up her spine. She bounced harder and faster on Jason’s hard cock. “Oh shit”, she moaned, “fuck me!”

Jason was stunned, he never heard such language come from her mouth before, but at the moment he couldn’t give it a second thought. He grabbed Kathy around her slim waists and laid her back on his bed. He climbed up and got on top of her, her legs over his shoulders, and started fucking as hard as he could down her gushing twat.

“Oh my god, Jason, harder! Fuck me harder!! Faster! Pleeeease Jason, fuck meeeee!!! I need that hard cock hitting my tummy! Fuck me, bastard, fuck me!!”, Kathy screamed.

Jason felt the urge coming and quickly pulled his tool from Kathy’s pussy.

“Asshole!”, she muttered as she sat up and opened her mouth just in time to catch the first stream of jism sent down her throat. She grabbed Jason’s cock with both hands and slammed it down her throat as load after load went straight to her tummy. After 18 spurts, Jason finally settled down, and leaned back resting against the chair.

Unfortunately for him, his little sister was not quite done yet, and grabbed him by the balls to pull him back onto the bed. She got down on all fours and wiggled her ass in front of him. “Come’on, big boy, fuck my ass!” she pleaded.

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Jason had never thought of fucking a girl in the ass, but he figured it had to have been as good, or better, then her pussy. He positioned his slick, saliva-coated dick at her puckered brown hole and tried to inch his way up there. Surprisingly, he met little resistance.

“Oooooooh fuck, that feels soooo good”, Kathy moaned.

Soon, Jason was going to town inside Kathy’s creamy ass and fucking her like it was her pussy, only tighter.

“Fuck me, Jason! Yeah! Fuck my shitty ass! Squeeze my creamy cheeks and fuck the hell out of that asshole, Jason! Fuck ittt…”, she trailed off as she buried her face in a pillow and her pussy began convulsing into a huge orgasm. “Ayieeeeee”, she shrieked, but Jason kept fucking her harder and harder.

“God damn, you’re a fucking slut, Kathy. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner, I’m going to fuck the shit out of your ass and make you clean it up, bitch! Bet you’d like that, huh?”

“Oooh yesss, Jason! Yes!!!! Fuck your bitch’s ass!! Fuck it, you asshole! Harder!!!”

Jason rammed his cock to the hilt up her ass, slapping her cheeks every so often and holding on to them slim hips.

“God damn, you asshole”, the little girl shrieked, “Fuck me harder!! Fuck that cock up my tight litter shitter! Make me scream! Spill your seed in my dirty hole, you bastard!!!”

The words sent chills thru Jason’s spine and encouraged him onward. He reached over and squeezes Kathy’s small, developing tits roughly. Then he held her waist with one hand and took a few last strokes, unleashing his sperm into her bowels. Kathy rolled over onto her side, panting heavily.

“Well it’s about time. Maybe now I can have a ‘baby'”, she said with a certain little wink her eye. Jason knew she must’ve planned this, somehow. But where could she have picked up such a dirty mouth from? He didn’t know, but he knew one thing, he’d have to clean it out for her.

He got up and straddled her chest. “Open that mouth, whore”, he commanded and she obediently obliged. Jason shoved his shit-streaked dick into her mouth and made sure she licked it all nice and clean. Then he got up, threw his pants on, and returned to his video game as his sister lay lifeless on the bed.

“Get your clothes on and go play with your Barbies, Kathy”, Jason said as if everything was normal. “Mom and dad should be home soon.”