Wife Wants Husband’s Friend

It was a typical Saturday afternoon,Brian (my husband) was watching football, drinking a few beers. I was in the process of cleaning the kitchen when the phone rang. Brian its Marc, ok 1 minute he said. When I answered the phone and heard Marcs voice my heart stopped.I always had a crush on him ever since I met him. Marc is 6’2 blond hair and built very well. And I knew he was hung because of his huge buldge. I always found myself staring at it whenever the three of us went out.

As I continued to my cleaning routine Brian came into the kitchen and said that Marc was on his way over to hang out for awhile. His girlfriend is out of town for the weekend and he was bored. Brian then said I better change , he had that sexy look in his eyes, I said” why? “Brian said You know why!!! See we often added Marc in our fantasy while we were having sex.And Brian knew I wanted to fuck him.

So with that said I went off to the bedroom to find somthing sexy that showed off my 38dd chest. I jumped in the shower and couldn’t help playing with my already soaken wet pussy. Is this really gonna happen I thought?? On one hand I wanted it bad…But would Brian let it happen, let me fuck his friend while he is there?

I got out of the shower and picked out the sexiest tight sweater I could find. I then ironed my tight black skirt. Should I wear panties? I better. So I put on the sexiest black undies, if you would call them that.

Thats when I heard the door bell ring, my heart stopped again. I knew I wanted to get fucked tonight by both of these men and nothing was gonna stop me!!

” Chelle…Marc is here” , Brian yelled. Ok I‘ll be right down. God I can’t wait to see him as I searched for my sexy black pumps. I rushed out of the room, thats when I seen Marc standing in the den. “Hi Marc how are you?” I said sheepishly…..Great and you Chelle? Fine I exclaimed!!! Want a beer I asked..As I needed somthing bad to drink to calm my nerves. Sure Marc said . Brian chimed in what about me??? No problem sweetie ..I’ll be right back. I went to the kitchen to get the order . 

When I returned both of my lovers for the night were sitting down watching football. I gave Brian his beer, he was seated on his favorite chair.Then I handed Marc his and sat beside him on the couch. Am I too close I thought. I had all these things running through my head. Thats when I noticed Marcs buldge, it was huge. I wanted to reach for it right then and there. But I couldn’t YET!!!!

Marc then asked me If I was going out. I said no why would you ask that? He then said that I looked very sexy for just lounging around the house. I laughed and said I might head out for awhile later with a few girlfriends. Little did he know the only plans I had were to get those jeans off him as quickly as possible.

So as the evening drew the boys were drinking there beers. I knew I was gonna have to switch to somthing stronger to get the nerve up to grab his huge cock. So I started to mix myself a few strong Bacardi and cokes.

I asked the boys if they were hungry and the replied yes of course so I made a few hamburgers and opened a bag a chips. I told them its ready and Brian said to bring them in the Den. I replied no way, no eating in the Den. This was the only way I could get them away from the TV.

As Brian entered the kitchen he had that look in his eyes and gave me a kiss. Thats when he asked me “Do you want two dicks tonight? ” I was stunned but shot back “Ohh Yes”.He then told me to go for it. We were all feeling pretty buzzed and sitting there in the kitchen eating when I asked ” what would you two boys like for desert?” 

Brian quickly responded “You!!! ” Marc replied “that would be a tasty treat.” I laughed and thats when Brian said he was serious.I looked at Brian and said that we could not leave Marc out could we? Marc said he would leave us to alone and quickly left the room. I looked and Brian and asked if he thought Marc was mad? He said I better go find out, He would clean up.

I went into the Den and Marc was getting his coat on. I asked Marc to stay we were just playing around. “Please stay , I’ll make it worth you while???” He said how? I then thought to myself its now or never and walked over to him and started to massage his semi-hard cock through his jeans. I looked him in the eyes and we started to kiss. His toungue darted in and out of my mouth as he moaned with excitement. I then undid his jeans and took his big hard cock out and started to stroke it. We continued to explore each others mouths for what seemed like an eternity. Thats when Brian came back into the room and said ” I take it he’s not mad? ” I looked at him and laughed and told him to get his out and get over here. There I was strocking two nice and hard cocks while swapping my toungue from Marcs mouth to Brians.

Brian then started to take my sweater off. As I continued to stroke both of them. They then sat me on the couch and took my bra off, freeing my big tits. They sat next to me each sucking one of my enormous nipples. I then said “I need to be fucked now!!!” Brian told me to stand and unzipped my tight skirt and pulled it to the floor. So I’m standing there in my very sexy yet small panties and black pumps. I asked who’s first? Brian sat on the couch and said that he would be a good host and let Marc go. I bent over and took Brians cock in my mouth and Marc got up and slowly pulled my panties off. I spread my legs and felt Marcs huge cock enter my eager wet pussy. “Ohhhh god” I yelled “Fuck me hard”.

Marc continued to fuck me as I stroked and sucked Brian. I continued to scream “Fuck me , oooooh god fuck me!!!!”Thats when Brian told me he was gonna cum, I watched and felt his juice spray all over my big tits. I could feel Marcs balls slap against me . I wanted him alone and My husband knew it. 

Brian said we should take this to the bedroom and he would join us in a few minutes . I rushed to the bedroom with Marc right behind me.

As I entered the bed room I turned and Marc was right behind me , standing there in a t-shirt his cock was so hard. He grabbed me and kissed me. I started to take his shirt off. He told me he had wanted this for a long time . He laid me on the bed and got on top of me. He put his big dick in my pussy and started to suck my tits.He told me how much he loved my big nipples and always fantasized about sucking on them.

I told him I wanted him to eat my pussy as I sucked his cock. He rolled over I sat on his face and bent over and started to suck his big long dick. I stated to scream ” eat my pussy baby eat it good” Faster I yelled. It was incredible. I stated to cum time after time. I never even noticed my husband was in the room watching.

As I continued to suck and stroke Marcs massive cock he screamed that he was gonna cum. I told him to, in my mouth. I sucked harder and cupped his balls and massaged them when he shot his first load into my awaiting mouth. Load after load entered my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was doing this as I hardly ever let my husband cum in my mouth. But I was in extasy. I want more. I needed more. Thats when I noticed Brian jerking off on the side of the bed. I went over to him and started to suck his cock. He came very quickly and I took it all in my mouth. 

Exhausted I lied on the bed still in just my black pumps and said who wants seconds on desert.

We all laughed and continued to fuck through the night!!!!!