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Me, my wife and our friends had been drinking in my hotel room after a wedding. When Lucy disappeared into the adjoining room with Tim, the hem of her dress hiked up showing just the bottom of her round, thong-clad ass. They had been messing around on the couch, hence Lucy’s bunched up dress. They got up and left without saying anything. I lay on one of the beds drinking beer with my wife, Kate – and my pal, Jim, Lucy’s husband, lay on the other bed drifting off to sleep. I had seen how Lucy and Tim were dancing at the wedding and how she kept touching him, hanging on his every word; and knew enough about Jim that he was probably cool with what was happening.

My wife, Kate, was drunk, giggling next to me about the low moans that were soon coming from Lucy and Tim in the other hotel room. Tim was an old friend from college a large cock and was a stud in college nailing any girl and he was supposed to be staying in the bed Jim was currently occupying.

Kate had danced with Tim too during the reception. They spent enough time together that I was getting a bit jealous and was glad, ultimately, that Lucy had cut in on them and put any thoughts my own wife may have had, to rest. Tim was a really good looking guy, tall and athletic.

My wife was a brunette, early thirties with a pretty face, fake tits and a fantastic, toned ass. She had her stretch marks, and her breasts had begun to sag after having our three k**s, so I bought her her new tits for her 30th birthday. After she got her dream breasts she began working out everyday at the gym and had become incredibly fit.

Jim’s wife, Lucy, was in her mid-thirties and had given birth to their second k** only nine months prior. She was still carrying some of the weight, a little chubby but still very desirable. She had a great face, amazing lips, big natural tits, and a fat round ass.

The sounds from the other room were getting a louder. Lucy was moaning, cursing, and the sound of the headboard hitting the wall had hit a steady rhythm. Kate was laughing about it while Jim pretended to sleep in the other bed. She got up, tipsy and walked to the door that we hadn’t locked or planned to lock, since we were such close friends with Jim and his wife.

I watched her open the door and peek into the other room. The bathroom lights were on in both rooms casting a decent amount of light in each room. Still in my bed, I could make out some movement between the slightly open door, as the bed in the other room was nearly parallel with mine. Kate changed position and I could see Tim standing behind Lucy, the edges of her ass wobbling as he fucked her doggy-style. 

Lucy changed positions, laying back on the bed. I got a good glimpse of her heavy tits before Tim mounted her for some pretty intense missionary. He fucked her good and hard for a while; her moaning increased in intensity, the headboard of their bed was now banging off the wall. Kate stood in the doorway, watching. I thought I saw her snake her hand down the front of her pajama pants and begin masturbating.

“Katey! What are you doing?!” Lucy called out. Kate stopped playing with herself and laughed at getting caught peeping. What happened next astounded me. Lucy told her to come into the other room and Kate did, shutting the door behind her.

I was so turned on from watching Lucy get fucked that I wasn’t thinking straight when the prospect of my wife getting fucked, by my old friend, became a real possibility. There was muffled conversation for a few minutes from the other room, then some moaning and obvious sounds of fucking. The headboard once again fell in rhythm against the wall.

Was Tim fucking Lucy? My wife? My cock was straining in my shorts. I waited ten, fifteen, twenty minutes before I got the courage to approach the door. I knew Jim was still awake in the next bed, but I didn’t care. I had to know what was up.

It was unlocked. I carefully nudged it open just a few inches so I could see in but not be seen. The groaning and sex sounds were getting pretty intense. I saw Tim’s back first, then realized he was straddling my wife’s chest, fucking her tits and her mouth with his long, thick cock. His heavy balls dragging back and forth over her sternum and belly. Lucy was on her stomach between my wife’s spread legs, eating her pussy. My wife was only wearing her black g-string but Lucy had it peeled to the side to taste her labia.

I couldn’t fucking believe it, that she would allow Lucy to go down on her since she had always been adamant that girl-on-girl did nothing for her. Lucy got up. I could see in the little light that there were red hand marks on her ass from being spanked. She positioned her face behind Tim’s ass and licked his crack and taint for a minute or so.

Tim must’ve come in my wife’s mouth, because he groaned and paused his thrusting. I watched him dismount my wife’s chest and drag Lucy down to the bed, partly on top of him. They made out for a few minutes while Kate caught her breath, wiping her mouth a few times and trying to get an errant shot of semen out of her hair. 

I never thought I’d enjoy watching my wife fuck around with another guy, never in a million years. I stood there at the door. I don’t think my wife would’ve even cared had she spotted me watching them. She began jacking Tim’s semi-hard cock as he made out with Lucy and suckled on the thick nipples of her heavy, natural tits.

I watched my wife lean over and give my old friend some great oral sex. She looked like she was enjoying herself, slurping and licking the bulbous head of his glorious cock. Tim was hard again in no time. God, he must’ve come with Lucy before Kate went in and sucked him off, and he was ready to go again.

Kate got up and positioned herself over his cock while he continued to kiss Lucy and finger her shaved pussy. I practically gasped along with my wife when she sunk down on his long cock. She placed her hands on his chest and ground her pelvis to his, taking his entire eight or so inches before she began grinding on him, intent on getting off. I watched her ass wiggle back and forth as she fucked him. He took hold of her hips and lifted her and pushed her down on his dick.

“Fuck, fuck… Oh my god!” My wife moaned before she leaned down to make out with Tim. She was getting close after only a couple minutes riding him. She loved being on top and kissing while she came. He had been holding her ass cheeks but had slipped one hand down into her crack. I couldn’t quite tell but assumed he had inserted a finger into her asshole. I’d done it to her, had even gotten to fuck her ass a few times over the years, but she claimed ass play didn’t really do much for her so it wasn’t all that common for us.

Lucy lay on her side playing with herself as she watched the two of them fuck. My wife came hard on his cock, screaming a bit before censoring herself and groaning like a wild a****l as she rode out her orgasm, really seeming to enjoy the extra stimulation of his digit in her ass.

When Kate got off of Tim’s cock, Lucy immediately took it into her mouth. She sucked him for a minute before he pulled her lips off and told her to get back on her hands and knees. She soon presented her glorious ass, in position. Kate giggled and got on her hands and knees on the bed next to Lucy. Tim slid into Lucy’s well-fucked hole with ease and began pounding away while he rubbed my wife’s ass. He would fuck one for half a minute then switch to the other, over and over, each woman giggling while the other groaned and asked for more.

Tim really seemed to be into my wife’s ass as he kept playing with it, stroking it while he fucked Lucy’s sweet pussy. He was fingering my wife’s ass when he once again came inside Lucy. They lay on the bed together post-fuck for a few minutes before Lucy said she’d better get up because she was leaking his cum. Tim stroked Kate as she sat and he nudged her toward Lucy’s crotch.

I could see Kate’s face clearly, she didn’t really want to, but he smiled at her and told her to help Lucy out. I guess she wanted to turn Tim on because she begrudgingly got between Lucy’s legs and started lapping at the semen that was leaking out of her pussy and down her thigh. 

I came at that point, gently rubbing my cock over my shorts, peering from behind the door while my buddy watched my wife eat his semen from my other buddy’s wife’s cunt. I looked back at Jim still pretending to sleep, but obviously jacking it under the sheet. 

I heard Kate say she was going back to bed and I scurried to our bed and got under the sheets. She came in the room in just her t-shirt, no pajama pants or thong. She looked around and went into the bathroom for twenty minutes. When she got into bed I pretended to be sleeping.

I eventually fell asleep after thinking about the night’s events. I was awoken at about four AM when I felt Kate get out of bed. It took me a minute to realize that Tim was talking to her from the other bed. I assumed Lucy finally retrieved Jim to return to the other room. God knows what went on between Lucy and Tim after Kate left.

“Come here, Kate, let’s talk,” whispered Tim as my wife crept the few feet and got into bed with him. I caught sight of her bikini briefs under her t-shirt on her way over. I could see their forms pretty well, but not much detail as I partially hid my head under the sheet in the early morning dark.

“And what were you and Lucy up to the past couple hours?” she said, playfully. I saw him pull her down to him for a kiss.

“She’s a lot of fun,” Tim replied. They made out hot and heavy for a few minutes, tongues slurping and lips smacking before he urged her to give him head. He held her hair as she devoured his dick, the sucking and licking sounds made me unbelievably hard. 

Soon he maneuvered her, more like placed her in position, with her pussy over his mouth for a sixty-nine. He ate her out and she moaned with his dick in her mouth.

“Get on your stomach on the bed,” Tim whispered. She moved on her front, tossing her shirt, then he removed her panties, spanking her hard a couple times before he buried his face in her ass. She yelped then cooed from the attention. I imagined he was licking pussy, asshole, crack, taint. Then he lay on top of her and inserted his hard cock into her hot puss and began grinding her into the bed, pinning her arms over her head and into the mattress.

“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna come like this!” she stated after a few minutes, as he dug into her, pressing himself into her firm, pillow ass. She came with a grunt and lightly squealed into the stanky bed sheets. He got off and sat up next to her.

“Kate, I’m too tired.” She rolled over to get out of the bed.

“No, don’t go. I’m too tired to keep fucking. Come here and suck me,” said Tim as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to him. Slurp, slurp, slurp. My wife gave him some serious head, he held her mouth over his cock and applied pressure to the back of her head every once in a while as I could hear her gag. I couldn’t imagine this was my wife. She enjoyed sex, trying different things, but she was acting like a wanton whore for my old college pal.

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“Your ass is amazing…” Tim rubbed her asshole with his free hand as he held her hair and pressed her mouth down to his crotch.

“We have to try it, baby.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, I doubt she knew. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees; head down, ass up. He must not have been all that tired. She obeyed without question. He walked over to his bag to retrieve something and came back, massaging her ass.

I heard him squirt out the lube, quite a bit he massaged into her ass crack, over her asshole and all over his cock. He stuck a finger or two into her ass as he rubbed her pussy with his free hand. It was unbelievable, he was going to try and fuck her ass after all of that sex. At this point, my dick never would have been able to stay hard long enough for anal.

After working his fingers into her asshole for a while, I saw him position the head of his dick at her hole and push firmly a few times, before he popped in with an audible whimper from Kate.

“Your ass is unreal,” Tim grunted as he fucked her with half of his cock. She whimpered, obviously uncomfortable. He declared he was all the way inside of her. I had never gotten all of my five inches in her ass and here was this guy, buried to the hilt in my wife’s asshole.

He fucked her ass for what seemed like ten minutes, just a grueling, deep pace. She began moaning in what seemed like pleasure, while he leaned over and pinched her hanging titties and played with her clit.

“Fuck, Kate, I’m gonna come,” he said fairly loud. She moaned louder as he fucked her harder. The impact of his pelvic bone against her ass an audible smack, smack, smack as he lost it and came inside of her tight asshole. A few minutes passed in silence, a small amount of kissing between them before they got up and went to the bathroom together and took a long, hot shower.

I think I came twice, jerking my cock in my bed after they left to shower together. I couldn’t make out too much from the bathroom because of how loud the fan and shower were. They came out together and as Kate got in bed with me I heard their last exchange of the night.

“I bet Lucy’s ass isn’t this sore.”

“I would’ve fucked it again in the shower if you would’ve let me.” He snickered.

“Tomorrow night.” She giggled.

The next morning I got up and went for a walk around the hotel and ate some breakfast as Tim and Kate seemed dead to the world. I met Jim, Tim, Lucy and my wife for a round of golf late in the morning. At different points during our golf outing I got to talk to everyone individually about the night before.

“Dude, we let Timmy fuck our wives.” I said to Jim as Tim and the girls were already up ahead on the green.

“It’s fucked up, right?” replied Jim. “It’s what she wanted, she just gets this look in her eye. I can’t tell her what to do.” He played it off like it was normal. while I was in some turmoil over it. 

Headed to another hole I was in the cart with Lucy. “It’s just sex. She loves you,” said Lucy nonchalantly as we briefly talked about the night before. I could see some of the bruising from the previous night’s activity beneath her skirt, finger prints on her arms. She obviously enjoyed it a little rough.

“Lucy, I don’t know that I’m ready for my wife to sleep with random guys,” I replied. She rubbed my thigh and told me to relax.

Soon Lucy and Tim were in one of the carts together. She had pretty much quit playing by the 9th hole and it was obvious they were messing around. She was wearing this frilly white skirt and he kept running his hand over her leg. I spotted her bent over giving him head around back of some of the big fairway mowers. He told us they were going to go look for his ball and had been gone for twenty minutes. When I went to look for my shot in the woods on a neighboring hole I could make out her bobbing head over the front of the cart through the treeline. Kate didn’t seem to notice.

It was a bit risky of them to be messing around at a fairly busy golf course on a late summer weekend. I was legitimately surprised that no one else had spotted them and gotten us all kicked out.

Lucy, Tim and Jim finished at the 18th green and headed into the clubhouse for a drink, I finally got to talk to my wife in depth about the night before.

“I just lost it. I was a little drunk and went into the other room… I love you, you know?” Kate seemed to be sorry, while I wasn’t sure I needed her to be sorry.

“Tim and I had sex in our room too when you were sleeping,” she continued. I nodded.

“…And in the bathroom before I came down to breakfast this morning.” She looked guilty. I didn’t even suspect that one, it hurt a little for some reason.

“Wow. And you went down on Lucy too – you’re like a different person, Kate.” I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. She grew misty eyed and I felt bad about it.

“I won’t sleep with him again,” she mumbled. I held her chin and kissed her once.

“If it’s a once in a lifetime thing. I want you to experience everything you want to experience, Kate.” She looked puzzled, a slight grin crossed my face. We made out hot and heavy then headed right back to the room, abandoning our friends for an afternoon of amazing sex.

That night the women were all made up with silky smooth legs. It was our last night of vacation, wedding activities were long over and the five of us were headed out to dinner. The food was great, drinks were intoxicating, our wives looked amazing in short dresses with breezy cleavage exposing tops.

Lucy sat close to Tim, I sat to Tim’s right with my wife, and Jim sat on the far side of the circular booth. I could see Lucy’s hand wandering from time to time over Tim’s thigh and package. Jim seemed cool with it all, as always. I was flirting with my wife, holding hands and kind of wanted the night before to be a one-time thing, and hoping the two of us would get a repeat of our afternoon’s hot session.

After more drinks at the bar and some dancing we all decided to go upstairs to drink. We sat on the beds in my room and drank with the TV on, laughing and talking. Eventually, Lucy excused herself to go into her room, and not long after Tim followed. They returned maybe forty minutes later. Lucy’s dress was practically wrecked, both of them were still sweating from their intense session in the other room.

Finally, Jim decided he’d had enough of being the second string and took his wife back into their room. If her pussy wasn’t sore from Tim, it sure would be after he unleashed two days of sexual frustration out on it.

That left the three of us. We had a nice cordial time, sitting, drinking and chatting. Although, I could certainly sense the heat building between my wife and my friend. As she drank she grew these incredible bedroom eyes for him. I was stuck in the middle with no way out of the situation. 

Eventually, we ran out of booze and Kate asked me to go find us some more. I paused at the closed door as I stood outside in the hall. I could practically hear them tearing each others clothes off. I went down and had a drink by myself, collecting my thoughts, trying to figure out if I felt betrayed, mad, turned on or what.

I walked down the block to the liquor store and grabbed a few bottles of wine. I took my time and figured I’d better let her get it out of her system so we could go to bed, head home in the morning and back to our normal lives.

When I got back to the door of my hotel room, I paused and listened. Smack, smack, smack. Flesh was being hit, and Kate was certainly whimpering and moaning in pleasure. I slowly opened the door. My wife was standing, bent over with her palms flat on the end of the bed, her gorgeous ass in the air, still wearing her dress with her perky fake tits hanging out. My college buddy, Tim, fucked her pussy, with one thumb buried in her ass. 

His other hand held his belt, which was looped around my wife’s neck like a collar, holding her in place as he rode her like a horse. He would slap her ass, fairly hard, every so often and she would yelp then he’d yank back on her neck with the belt, getting her to arch her back and allow him perfect access to the deepest depths of her vagina. Her ass was getting red from the spanking, her makeup was starting to run from her exertion, sweat and a few tears. 

When she turned her head and looked at me my heart sank. She had no real reaction to seeing me in the doorway, she was so lost in the bliss and control of this man’s cock.

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“Hey man, could you give us another ten minutes? She’s pretty close to cumming,” said Tim, not missing a beat, just pounding my wife’s pussy from behind as I stood there.

Kate looked away so I turned around and went back down to the bar. I stayed down there for forty minutes before returning to the room. When I opened the door again I half expected more fucking, but I found just my wife in the bathroom in her thong, cleaning her face up and wiping her smeared makeup off.

“Hey,” I said. She smiled at me.

“Hi.” There was a red welt on her ass, certainly not just from spanking.

“What’s with that?” I pointed at the welt on the bottom of one of her ass cheeks.

“Oh, that… From the belt,” she replied matter of factly, feeling the welt.

“You like that?” I said, searching her face.

“I don’t know. The belt may have been too much, but the spanking was fun. Some of the rougher stuff made me cum the hardest.” 

We had an open conversation, she described how she felt when he played with her asshole, bit her nipples and spanked her with the belt. How she had come the hardest the night before when he fucked her ass. We lay in our bed and drifted off to sleep together.

I awoke an hour or two later, due to Kate moving around in the bed. She was listening to the sounds from the adjoining room. Loud moaning, the same sounds as the night before. Lucy was getting the screwing of a lifetime. I looked over to see if Jim had gotten sent out again, but no, he must be front row for it.

My wife was totally awake, breathing heavy, just completely turned on by the sounds. So I did the only thing that seemed right.

“You can go over if you want.” She sighed and kissed me hard on the lips, then crept to the door between rooms. She gently opened it and entered into the orgy room. I don’t know if she left it open on purpose, or just in her excitement didn’t think to close it, but I could see the other bed really well, the tangled mass of Lucy and Tim. The bathroom light shone on the scene and Jim sat next to the bed, transfixed.

I sat on the edge of my bed, not fifteen feet from where my wife stripped her thong off and climbed into bed with my friend and Lucy, and watched the scene unfold. Lucy had her arms and legs tucked under her, her ass high in the air as Tim spread some lube on her asshole, massaging it into her crack and all over his thick hard cock. My wife lay nude on the bed next to them playing with one of Lucy’s breasts as Tim drove a finger and then two into Lucy’s anus.

It wasn’t long until Tim had his cock at the entrance to her ass, pushing against her sphincter and popping inside with a painful yelp from Lucy. Tim was in his glory, ass fucking her, driving his cock in until he had all eight inches buried in her. Lucy whined and never seemed to get into it the level that Kate had the night before. But she did take him in her ass for closer to ten minutes before she had to have him pull out.

When Tim pulled out of Lucy’s ass he went right over to my wife laying on the bed and drove his cock into her throat, grabbing her hair as a handhold. She seemed surprised but soon caught on after some light gagging and sucked him like a champ, taking all of his ass-slick cock into her throat over and over.

As Lucy recovered from her ass fucking, Tim pulled my wife to the edge of the bed so her ass was hanging off and propped her legs up over his shoulders. He drove into her pussy hard, over and over and she practically screamed from the intense rush. He plowed her pussy for awhile before he grabbed the bottle of lube from the bed and applied it to her asshole with his thumb and forefinger. Tim continued fucking her pussy while he readied her ass for another round of anal.

Soon enough he propped her legs up even higher on his shoulders, her ass hanging all the way off the bed as he placed his cock to her anus and popped in, much easier now that she’d been fucked there a few times over the past couple days. Lucy leaned over and suckled her tit while she rubbed my wife’s clit, Tim drilling my wife’s ass with his cock.

Kate moaned like an absolute whore, totally embracing her anal pleasure. She came hard from her ass fucking, shaking so violently that Tim had to place her back on the bed to finish. He fed his cock to Lucy while Kate came down. The guy must’ve come a number of times because he still wasn’t ready to ejaculate from Lucy’s deep-throating.

He pushed Lucy on her back, her legs instinctively raised in the air and he told Kate to straddle her. Kate obeyed, placing her pussy above Lucy’s as the girls tongue kissed. Tim fucked one pussy and then another, going back and forth, just driving into their pussies for some time before even he couldn’t hold out any longer. He pulled out, walked around the bed and placed his throbbing cock between their lips as they kissed, eventually cumming all over their mouths and faces. I came myself as I watched. Jim, who had been silent the whole time groaned.

The girls kissed for some time after, sharing the semen on their faces from their Adonis. I went to the bathroom to clean the cum out of my shorts and when I came back Jim and Lucy were in the bed next to mine. I looked into my wife’s eyes as she closed the door to the other room for some privacy for her and her lover. It broke my heart a little, but soon made my dick rock hard as I lay in bed and heard the moaning, spanking, bed thumping, hair pulling and belt whipping yelps as my wife got used and abused by my old school chum for hours.

I knew she couldn’t go back to a normal, monogamous marriage at that point. Her a****listic need was evident, she could never go back to just being my partner.

The next morning the long drive home was quiet. She hadn’t bothered coming back to my bed the night before. I recalled waking up every couple hours and catching her moaning or screaming Tim’s name. I had to wake her up from the other room as she lay naked next to her lover in the stanky sheets, the smell of sex permeating the room. I studied her for awhile first. 

She had bruises on her legs, breasts, ass, and arms. Her wrists were red from some type of handcuff or restraint. Another red welt from the belt beneath her other ass cheek, some burn around her neck from Tim yanking on her leash in a not-so-gentle fashion. I studied her pussy, red and swollen from fucking, caught sight of her anus, still slightly agape. Her knees were even red, likely from carpet burn as he led her around the room. There was dried semen in her hair, on her neck, a little on her breast and some in the small patch of pubic hair above her shaved pussy lips.

When I finally did wake her she put me off for a half hour after spotting Tim’s morning wood. She and Tim had a long goodbye fuck.

“My pussy’s too tender, Tim,” I heard her say behind closed doors as I packed my bag. He said he’d just fuck her ass then. They were loud as they came one last time together. 

I thought about the look on my pal Jim’s face when we were finally packed and leaving, and his wife had disappeared into the bathroom with Tim for a long, hot shower. 

After driving in silence for an hour or so, she finally spoke.

“Tim invited me and Lucy to his beach condo next weekend…” She drifted off.

“Okay…” I’ll think about what could happen?


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    my wife also took .on another friend of mine with a monster cock. After he fucked her for a full day, I finally was able to see what he was doing to her with his monster cock. She never let me fuck her asshole, but my friend had her moaning for ten minutes before he popped his cock in her asshole. She was sore for a good while.