Your Daughter’s Friend audio sex stories

You’ve been fucking your daughter’s best friend. One night, she suggests a fun new roleplay idea. It definitely doesn’t get weird. (To all the Kristens I know in real life, my apologies. It’s not your dad, I swear.)

Real audio sex stories


  • Posted: 5 August 2019 10:26


    I've listened to all of these audios and a lot of them are prtty good. I think daddydaughter, brother/lil sister is the ultimate turn on in taboo. This story is well done well written and the voice actress makes it really believable. I can imagine it being true. She is excellent, espec Very sexy! Especially in this genre! Not sure about that crazy laugh... Although if the girl really were to try what the story portrayed you'd have to be kind of whacked out...(.I would of the op presented itself, like it did here! Those are the thrills you never forget). Excellent, hot, very sexy and not corny